[GoB] no. 1: weekly musings

What I wrote:
Rediscovering and re-purposing Dharma (link here, 5 min read)
This week I wrote a short personal piece about finding my meaning of Dharma once again. For those not religiously inclined, I would say this isn’t really about that, and I would encourage you to take a look in any case. For those unfamiliar with this Vedic term, I try my best to explain it — hopefully an insightful read.

The 7 most amazing (and related) reads of the week are below. Have fun!

1. ‘Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think’ (link here, 20 min read)
The first recommendation this week comes from a friend of mine, about finding our own authentic voice. It put a smile on my face to have a coincidentally similar recommendation with parallels to my blog post above. The post is beautifully presented as always from the blog Wait but why.

2. ‘The way ahead’ by Barrack Obama (link here, 10 min read)
Heading into the US election, its hard to avoid the noise about Trump, Hillary and their related shenanigans. A great, often missed, point is that USA just had a very articulate and intelligent President. Obama has written this economically inclined piece in the Economist about the biggest economic challenges ahead.

3. ‘We can’t do much worse than men’ (link here, 15 min read)
A great historical work of journalism by The Atlantic outlining the first ever all female government at a US municipality and their experience. The author makes ties into the current climate with Clinton coming through as potentially the first ever female president and what lessons history may have to offer. An insightful read.

4. ‘The World’s Happiest Man Wishes You Wouldn’t Call Him That’ (link here, 25 min read)
A fascinating and extremely well written piece in GQ about Matthieu Ricard who is a monk living in the mountains having been dubbed as the world’s happiest man. Matthieu’s philosophy in life is a great example of Buddhist principles put into practice without taking itself so seriously. Well written but lengthy, it was definitely worth a read.

5. ‘The terrorist inside my husband’s brain’ (link here, 10 min read)
This was a recommendation by my gorgeous wife. It has now been over two years since Robin Williams sadly took his own life. Since then, his wife and family have largely and understandably been silent. This essay was written by Robin Williams’ wife, Susan about their personal experience in battling Lewy Body Dementia and as an expression of thanks to neurology researchers in Neurology Journal.

6. ‘Patagonia’s Philosopher King’ (link here, 25 min read)
I love hearing and reading about eccentrics who kill it in the business world whilst also living their own truth. The reclusive founder of the awesome outdoor brand, Patagonia, is Yvon Choinard who has been profiled in The New Yorker. It is truly a fascinating read about how your own ethos can soak through any mission and create an authentic story, even in the mechanical world of business.

Related read: ‘Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny’ (link here, 25 min read). Also in The New Yorker, is a profile of the head of the most successful startup accelerator in the world, Y-Combinator, Sam Altman. Sam is a pioneer in backing forward thinking technologies and companies seemingly way before their “time”. His vision of the future, new projects and current challenges of the accelerator model are all framed around his idea of destiny in this in-depth piece.

7. ‘How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children’ (link here, 12 min read)
An article in Nature science journal about a 45 year long study of geniuses. I know many of you are in or about to enter parenthood and would find this fascinating.

Related read: ‘A dad took his daughter on a trip, just the 2 of them, and wrote down what he learned.’ (link here, 5 min read). This was an amazing recommendation by another friend of mine who himself is close to parenthood. The title says it all, a great personal blog and interesting read on presence with children and the lessons it brings.

That is all for this week — hope your life is better because of this. If you liked this enough to get your friends and family into it, please do send them this link to sign up. As always, feedback and conversation is welcome (just hit reply)!

Keep it 100.