Ours is the party of Liberalism, of freedom, of equal opportunity. It is the party that battles for the enduring welfare of all men, of all classes and creeds.
- President Manuel A. Roxas, founder of the Liberal Party

On being Liberal

Being a Liberal, especially in the Philippines, is not just about wearing yellow. It is about personifying freedom and magnifying human dignity in the political, social and economic dimensions. It’s about celebrating the diversity of the human story, for we stand steadfast in the belief that the rights of each and every citizen should be upheld regardless of their social class, faith or sexual orientation, not because tolerance is a weakness, but rather because it is a strength. We believe in looking past our differences by embracing them and through finding common purpose in our pursuit to make our country a freer place and our democracy more beneficial for all.

For Liberalism, as opposed to other political ideologies, is more of an attitude rather than a rigid set of dogmas- an attitude that puts primacy in the belief that the freedom of the people should be allowed to thrive instead of being bent to the will of the state. It also speaks of rationalism and our undying faith that every individual is capable of rational action in all matters of life. For that is why we welcome the clash of ideas and open discourse as a testament to a society that is truly free and democratic.

Moreover, unlike radicals, we Liberals are reformists. We advocate not for a revolution of arms, but a revolution of ideas. We will always keep our faith in the Republic and her institutions to bring about the necessary reforms that we seek to achieve, for that is why even during the darkest days of Martial Rule, Liberals like Ninoy Aquino, Jovito Salonga and Gerry Roxas — distinguished men who held back the night and opened the doors to the renewal of our democracy- never gave in to the temptation of supporting armed and open rebellion against the dictatorship. They sought to work within the bounds of the law as they fought to dismantle the tyrannical rule of Marcos and defend what little liberty we had left as a people.

Despite the weak political party system of the Philippines and the tendency of elected officials to flock from one party to the next to suit their own political agendas, the LP has remained a steadfast participant and a solid foundation in the Philippine political arena against all odds because of its history and its roster of leaders-a roster that no other Philippine political party, whether past or present, can match because of the countless Filipinos who have belonged to its ranks who have shown time and again that the Party’s ideals and principles will never be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency.

What’s not to be proud of? Ours is the party that sought to rebuild our shattered republic from the ashes of the Second World War, Ours is the Party that stood in the way of Marcos in his quest for totalitarian rule and Ours remains to be the Party that is bringing back the trust and confidence of the people in their government in the 21st century. Indeed, the restoration of the LP as the party at the helm of the ship of state has proven that aside from our ideological principles, an integral part of the great liberal tradition in the Philippines is being a staunch advocate against corruption and a firm believer in good governance. For at its heart, the liberal project in our homeland is what it has always been: to create a free, fair, and prosperous society.

I’ll always be proud to call myself a Liberal.

Noon at ngayon, Liberal marangal!

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