GUMU™ for Salesforce Sage ERP Integration: Get agile access to real-time insights with improved responsiveness, superior security and performance

Every organization in order to achieve continuous growth should engage itself in integrating its business software solutions. So how does one achieve front-end and back-end integration to optimize the business software solutions?

Sage ERP (Sage X3 | Sage 300 | Sage 100) and Salesforce form the backbone of your organization’s IT ecosystem. Businesses use Sage ERP that manages the backend information such as accounting, shipping details, financial data, supply chain management details and billing information and Salesforce tracks valuable customer data, understanding prospects and managing the sales pipelines. Greytrix, with its GUMU™ connector, integrates the two business systems unleashing the true potential of a unified system.

GUMU™ integration allows enterprises a bi-directional view of Salesforce and Sage ERP (Sage X3|Sage 300|Sage 100) data on a real-time basis, that ensures secured data access with Authorization Control, Promote Customers and Sales Orders from Salesforce to Sage ERP and also Link / Unlink accounts between the two software solutions.

To know how GUMU™ can benefit your specific industry with integrated Salesforce & Sage ERP solutions, attend our webinar on GUMU™ integration for Salesforce with Sage ERP. Empower your enterprise to connect customer information, accounting, payroll and financial data into one system so that information is accessible from any device at anytime, anywhere.

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“Streamline your front and back office operations using Sage ERP X3 Integration with Salesforce”. Join for the Live Webinar: GUMU™ integration for Salesforce with Sage X3 to enhance your existing business functionalities with its versatile features.

Features of Salesforce — Sage ERP Integration:

  • Real-time, Bi-directional, Multi-Folder
  • Import Sage ERP Customers/Prospects into Salesforce Accounts along with contacts and Additional Ship to Addresses
  • View Customer Information, A/R Inquiry and Order Inquiry, real-time in Salesforce from Sage ERP
  • Integrate Multiple Sage ERP folders with a single instance of Salesforce
  • Security Matrix to control access of Sage ERP data to Salesforce user
  • Link/Unlink Sage ERP Customers with existing Salesforce accounts
  • Real-time updates for linked accounts
  • Easy to configure any new Standard/Custom fields to display on respective Inquiries screen
  • View Quote Inquiry, Shipment Inquiry and Sales Summary, real-time in Salesforce from Sage ERP
  • Promote Salesforce Account as a Sage ERP Customer real-time
  • Promote Sage ERP Customer as Salesforce account real-time
  • Import Sage ERP Products into Salesforce
  • Supports real-time pricing of products while creating Sales Orders from within Salesforce
  • Promote Sales Order from Salesforce to Sage ERP real-time
  • Sage ERP Salesperson Mapping with Salesforce users

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Originally published at on April 5, 2017.