Love atheists but not one

Atheists are the set of people who are widely considered as the realistic ones among all of us. I love atheism not because of its philosophy or something. But because of the attitude of most of the atheists. The western atheists are usually the don’t give a fuck , mind your own business kinda people. They don’t judge people by anything and usually more loving than others(atleast the ones I know). This kind of Atheists are class-A, A meaning actual*lol*. Then there is class-B, B for Bullshit. This is the kind which gives a shit about religion, They have a pre-conceived opinion about religion which is extremely ironical cuz that’s what 1 religion do to another. Let me explain, there was this really famous fb page it posted a meme on how every religion thinks that other religions are less than them, if you think about it this set of atheists say that all religions are bad implying atheism is better *-_-*, srsly then wtf is the difference between atheism and other “disgusting” religions, This kind of shit is what hurts the principle of the class-A atheists bringing hatred from the rest aswell. What is more irritating is that the B class boys make it a thing to prove that atheism is better than the other religions by asking Proof for god and science crap.

I ,a religious person know that there is no proof or anything but I have faith in god for 2 reasons,1 because I want to think that there is some one up above who is the ultimate judge and if I do something wrong I will pay for it. This keeps me in a straight path…. 2 , when I see an ambulance passing by I pray for the patient and I would like to think that there is a messenger up there who takes my prayers to the patients and possibly make it count. I would believe in this rather than saying to myself there is no point of doing it because its not yet scientifically proven that the thoughts travel.