How do Italian coffee shops afford to stay open, let alone profit, from selling espressos at 90…
Kav Van der Linden

  1. No cozy little cafe can pay those rents 2. They aren’t made by Italians, in general. When I lived in SF, I left in 1999 just as the dot common hit. Most of the other Italians were leaving too.

I lived in North Beach. The Bohemian Cigar Store, a tiny place opposite the park was widely acknowledged to make the best espresso. Second best was a bare bones place next to the police station. THAT was a piece of Italy. One table of old geezers forever arguing politics while another argued sprts.High drama all around. A card game concealed in the back. And the kind of cafe latte I’ll meet again in heaven. Minus the cloud of cigar smoke.

My rent was 800 . Same place is $4200 . It’s no longer a neighborhood . It’s a dorm/theme park suburb. I hope the two delis on Stockton managed to survive but I doubt it. Great salumi

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