Gridcoin — State of the Network — 25 June 2018

Welcome to the 16th Gridcoin State of the Network Report. The SotN Report is a fortnightly report organized by parejan and jringo. It compiles useful news and statistics that the community can use as they see fit.

We’re back! We have reset the release of the SotN to every other Monday. To keep from overloading the community and news section, we’ve posted only a few major updates from the past few weeks.

Expect a return to the usual with the next report.

Community and News


The developer update from June 18th, can be found here. Thank you barton26!


The CBR poll is complete and a value is chosen. More details found here.

Einstein@home is no longer rewarding GRC due to GDPR. A fix is in the works. Thank you neuralminer for keeping in contact with the projects! More info found here.

There is a new pool call “arikado pool.” There have been two updates over the past several weeks. Update 1 | Update 2.


There is a new proposal and poll for a client redesign that updates the aesthetics and incorporates several requested features from the past several months, such as poll notifications on the main page! Find the proposal and poll here. The proposal also requests $2,600 in GRC from the foundation. Vote by August 1st!

Marketing and Outreach

There have been a bunch of great write-ups and Gridcoin art pieces over the past weeks. Instead of posting them all, we have highlighted hotbit’s video because it touches on what is being discussed in the marketing channel on slack. If you or someone you know wants to help make short videos like these, or even longer introduction videos, reach out! The video can be found here.

The stats update is divided into 3 sections: Blockchain Statistics, BOINC Statistics, and Project Statistics.

Every other week we bring you the most up to date statistics regarding the operation of the Gridcoin blockchain and Gridcoin BOINC projects. The information is gathered from Thursday to Wednesday on fortnightly basis and compiled from the getblockstats RPC command in the Gridcoin wallet, BOINCStats, GRCPool, Gridcoin Stats and from individual project websites.

Blockchain Statistics

Blockchain statistics from 7/June to 23/June

The table below contains the blockchain statistics and covers blocks 1,268,600 to 1,284,944.

Blockchain charts

The charts below contain the longer term blockchain trends.

BOINC Statistics

Team and pool statistics from 10/June to 23/June

The table below contains BOINC team and pool statistics of the last 2 weeks.

Team and pool charts

The team and pool charts contain the longer term team and pool trends.

Project Statistics

Project tables from 10/June to 23/June

The table below contains the project statistics of the last 2 weeks.

Project charts from 10/June to 23/June

The charts below contain the project contribution breakdown of the last 2 weeks.

(Source: BOINCStats)

This concludes the 16th Gridcoin State of the Network Report. We’ll see you in two weeks!