The X Series Arrives

Gridco Systems® is pleased to introduce the new X Series In-line Power Regulator™ (IPR) product family, based on our 2nd-generation Voltage Regulation Platform, and available now.

The X Series of products handle more power than our 1st-generation platform, while regulating continuously over a broad dynamic range. This extended capacity means that this first neighborhood-scale system can be deployed and provide “perfect power” at as many as 60–80% of service transformer locations in the US. The ability to ride through both extended and brief neighborhood energy demand spikes simplifies the job of siting and planning for utilities, reducing operating expense.

The X Series features both an UltraFast regulating speed, responding more than 10,000 times per second to grid variations, and a SuperFast mode, which is still twice as responsive as our first-generation systems. These capabilities can permanently eliminate even extreme voltage flicker for customers.

While these capabilities are impressive, the real importance of this breakthrough is how the X Series enables customer energy choice.

Simply put:

The X Series enables more renewables and more electric vehicles, providing greater benefits for more customers in more places more often.

For utilities, the X Series means having the ability to deliver “Perfect Power” connectivity to customers, independent of the overall state of the system or direction of local power flow — even where legacy circuits and assets make that impossible or overly expensive today.

State regulatory bodies will appreciate how this platform makes the grid ready for the continued growth in rooftop solar, electric vehicles and battery storage, without the need for massive grid “wires” capacity upgrades. This flexible point solution resolves key grid constraints and is well matched to scale with distributed energy’s organic adoption path. It’s a “pay-as-distributed-energy-grows” investment trajectory, vs. a “build-it-and-they-will-come” approach. More succinctly, Gridco’s X Series offers capital-efficient tools for grid modernization by leveraging technology, or “non-wires” solutions, as opposed to traditional circuit upgrades.

First units are shipping now. Domestic and international versions are available for order and production will be ramping up over the next several months. Additional rating classes that can serve more homes and businesses from a single unit will become available beginning in early 2018.

Even better, Gridco Systems is offering the standard X Series performance package without any price increase. Streamlined communications and data management options offer an even lower entry price point, without sacrificing core performance, further enhancing value and deployment flexibility.

Why it matters

Signs of the distributed energy transformation are everywhere — in neighborhoods where rooftop solar has become more common, on roads where it’s becoming easier to play a family road trip game of “Count the EVs,” and in garages and parking lots where you’re starting to see charging stations and maybe even some storage batteries. Consultancies like McKinsey, The Brattle Group, Bain and others are touting reports that forecast an industry-wide opportunity measured in trillions of dollars over the coming decades.

Utilities that have been grappling with how to modernize the one-way grid in response to customer adoption of new energy products, are stepping up with proposals featuring technology-based solutions, and regulatory bodies are actively evaluating new business model ideas to provide proper incentives and safeguards for all stakeholders.

Like a “Smartphone” for Transformers

Four years after launching first-generation products, Gridco’s 2nd-generation X Series embodies our work at dozens of utilities around the world and the manufacturing experience that comes with it. This 2nd-generation is still easy to install and, of course, maintenance-free. We consider it a breakthrough akin to an integrated “smartphone for transformers,” able to unlock the full potential of distributed energy for consumers worldwide.

It’s a technology alternative that’s “easier than wire” — and better.

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