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The BBC newsroom, behind the barrier

This was the title of my submission to one of the MoJo (Mozilla + Journalism, now Knight-Mozilla OpenNews) challenges that led me to an amazing experience.

In 2012 I was one of the Knight-Mozilla Fellows, along with Nicola, Dan, Cole and Mark. Below is the long story of how that happened.


I had an awesome year being an Knight-Mozilla Fellow, I worked with the amazing BBC News Specials team, went to all the relevant conferences and hackathons in US and Europe, learned a lot, made amazing friends. In the end helped me find out where I wanted to be.

You should also check the posts of my fellow fellows (2012 and 2013):


Laurian Gridinoc

Creative Technologist • Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow 2012 ※ Visual analytics × Semantic Web × Computational Linguistics

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