/glutenfreeblockchain; an intro

After several years of effortlessly advocating for bitcoin, ethereum, and blockchain technology everywhere I went — from academic settings at Wharton, to casual kickbacks with friends, to waking my (ex)girlfriend up at 3:37 AM checking Coinbase, it became clear that my once eccentric obsession needed a more formal conduit. However, it took me a while to realize this — and once I did, because of (see: life) took me even longer to fully conceive as glutenfreeblockchain (gfb). But we’ll get into that, later.

My crypto profile went from being that weird dude at Penn who preached bitcoin to networks that spanned fraternity iMessages, GroupMe’s with college students across the country knowing me by my @bitgandhi handle exclusively, and different WhatsApp’s littered with dozens of scientists, miners, bankers, doctors, journalists, and bitcoin maximalists from across the globe. As I’ve participated throughout these groups, as I’ve involved and ingrained myself more in my community that I’ve built that currently exists in private chains (pun intended) — I began to identify patterns and opportunity in this set of diverse people’s shared curiosity as it pertains to blockchain that have continually challenged, evolved, and shaped my own understanding of the technology and its capabilities.

So why haven’t I even mentioned what blockchain is? Does it sounds weird not to include a ‘the’ before blockchain (or does including it sound like sacrilege to you) ? Well that’s intentional — 1) if you’re here, you likely already have a semblance of an idea what bitcoin and blockchain are, and 2) though there are (kind of) simple to understand answers, the blockchain is better understood in my mind by comparing it to space, as in outer-space, though confusingly you’ll hear people, including me, refer to the blockchain space as an umbrella term to describe the industry(ies), ideas, protocols, networks, etc. — that in some way were inspired by bitcoin. And that’s simply because just as humans (oh shit, he’s about to go existential for a second — tune out and skip to next paragraph if interest wanes) know so much, yet so little about what lies in space, a similar scenario exists when one dives into cryptocurrencies and the technology that enables them, whether they are a complete ‘noob’, a seasoned Wall Street vet, or the expert engineers and their team that pride themselves working day-in and out towards their collective vision. The truth — there’s a lot of hype, a whole lot of promise, and ten times more uncertainty.

And that’s where I hope to come in. For my own sake, I’d like to stop repeating myself and having the same conversation a hundred times — but even more so, I wanted to begin to develop a cohesive and more organized collection of thought-provoking articles that have stimulated me, resources that have educated me, and people, ideas, and brands that inspire me so that I can easily share them. While I know some people who never listened a year ago and now have me on speed-dial were more struck by Ether and Bitcoin’s lucrative gains than anything, I never really saw it as such. For me, it’s always been about the tremendous value these (and/coupled with different) technologies COULD unlock for society, and while the roller coaster ride has been fun, it remains my sincere belief that the best benefits reaped by this technology will not be the financial ones (though I assume those to be pretty great, or more appropriately, ‘moon’ as well) but rather the drastic changes this new era of decentralization could bring.

So finally, why glutenfreeblockchain? Well — a few reasons. Namely, I’m appealing to my millennial sensitivity and my recently diagnosed and personally refuted gluten-intolerance. However, as a marketer, I realized there is the need to cut through some of the clutter and vast uncertainty that exist in this space. I hope that (this intro rant notwithstanding) I’ll be able to share the necessary resources to establish some clarity and provide a helping hand as both time and this space (and hopefully my mind, too) evolve on this journey, together.


Griffin (@bitgandhi)