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Griffin Kao
1 min readJun 18, 2020

Editorially independent of the university, Brown Technology Review explores developments in technology and considers the economic, social, and political impacts. BTR pulls insight from both industry and academia, aiming to provide readers a holistic perspective. Ultimately, we are a community where Brown students, alumni, and faculty can provide coverage and opinions on tech events and ideas. Check out our content at www.brownreview.com

Writing Guidelines

- Our pieces range from 500–2000 words
- We write about all topics reasonably related to science or tech
- Note that we are wholly independent of Brown University and our content does not reflect or represent the interests of the university
- If there is a conflict of interest, we will acknowledge this
- We are committed to cultivating diversity and inclusion through the topics we cover, the methods in which we cover them, and within our own community.-

All writers are Brown-affiliated (students, alumni, or faculty)

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Griffin Kao

Brown ’20 — editor at BTR, author of Turning Silicon Into Gold, previously at The College Hill Independent, passionate about AI/ML, product, and economics