Networking is an important activity at any stage in a career and especially for upcoming or recent college graduates. While networking isn’t always easy — or fun, for that matter — it’s important to help boost your career and lead you down the road to success. In addition to giving you a competitive edge over your peers, networking has many other advantages.

Griffin Poutre, of Newmarket, New Hampshire, became interested in politics at a young age. Eager to gain experience, he was elected Class President in his junior year of high school. Throughout his life, Griffin has been invested in the U.S. political system and in 2014, he earned the opportunity to intern for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and former U.S. Senator Scott Brown. As an upcoming Political Science graduate from the University of New Hampshire in Durham, Griffin knows the importance of networking. …

It’s important that all American citizens get involved with local and federal elections. And, while voting is the most significant aspect of any election, there are many other ways to participate, if you’re eager.

Griffin Poutre, from Newmarket, New Hampshire, strongly believes in civic engagement and became interested in politics at a young age. …

Students all over the world are adapting to a new way of learning. Many schools have new online class models, with students adapting to learning at home and using new technologies and ways to retain information.

Like most students today, Griffin Poutre of Newmarket, New Hampshire, is completing college coursework virtually due to COVID-19 and has had to endure many adjustments. Still, the flexibility of institutions to embrace digital transformation and deliver education in an alternative fashion is impressive.

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What are the Pros/Cons of Online Classes?

Online classes are not new — especially at the university and vocational level. What is unique about today is that online classes are the predominant form of education in first world countries in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. …


Griffin Poutre

Student at the University of New Hampshire studying Political Science & Government. Located in Newmarket, New Hampshire.