Griffin Poutre Recommends Ways You Can Get Involved with Future Local and Federal Elections

It’s important that all American citizens get involved with local and federal elections. And, while voting is the most significant aspect of any election, there are many other ways to participate, if you’re eager.

Griffin Poutre, from Newmarket, New Hampshire, strongly believes in civic engagement and became interested in politics at a young age. Elected Class President in his junior year of high school, Griffin’s formal involvement in the U.S. political system began in 2014. As a former intern for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, Mr. Poutre is familiar with the many ways Americans can participate in elections. Griffin shares some of the best ways to get involved with local and federal elections.


Voting is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of civic involvement. It is single handedly the best way to get involved in local and federal elections. However, exercising your right to vote takes some time and consideration. In order to vote in a local or federal election, it’s important that you are familiar with your state’s voting laws. Griffin Poutre suggests familiarizing yourself with how to register, how to vote, when and where to vote, and what you will need to take with you, in terms of identification, to the polls to ensure you will be eligible. In addition, it’s important that you research the candidates on the ballot. Do your research ahead of time so you can make an informed decision and one that best aligns with your beliefs on election day.


If you have some extra time, even a couple of hours each week, getting involved through volunteering is a great option. Volunteer for a specific campaign, help with voter-registration, or volunteer to assist with a related cause that you’re passionate about. By volunteering for a specific candidate, you can help them get elected. And, by supporting a local cause with volunteer hours, you can help further that cause while also promoting those candidates that support it. Griffin Poutre knows first-hand the need for and necessity of volunteers — volunteers are always needed and appreciated. So, do some research, find a cause, or campaign you believe in, and get out there and help make a difference.


Donating money, in any amount, big or small, can greatly help the causes and campaigns you stand behind. As Griffin Poutre knows, there isn’t just one way to donate. You can donate to a specific cause you’re passionate about, to a candidate that you believe in, or even to a party you support. Regardless of how you decide to donate, you will further the people and policies you believe in.

Work at the Polls

If you want to participate in a more general way, you can also become an election worker. By getting trained and working at the polls, you can help to promote free and fair voting and ensure a successful election. The help of millions of people is needed to guarantee that an election runs smoothly — if you qualify, contact your local election office, and sign up!

Sit on a Local Board or Committee

Sitting on a board in your community is a great way to get involved and to help further the causes that you support. And, if you’re planning on running for office someday, joining a board is especially helpful. This will give you invaluable experience, which, as mentioned by Griffin Poutre, is one of the most important aspects of politics. The more experience you have, the better off you’ll be when looking for a job in politics or running for office.

Student at the University of New Hampshire studying Political Science & Government. Located in Newmarket, New Hampshire.