Griffin Poutre Shares Tips for College Grads When Job Searching

Griffin Poutre
2 min readSep 8, 2020


Higher education continues to be an attractive credential on one’s resume. Most employers prefer college graduates over non-graduates. That said, there are more college graduates in the job hunt than there have been in previous generations.

Griffin Poutre of Newmarket, New Hampshire, is in his last year in college and is excited to enter the workforce. He shares some valuable tips for college graduates as they begin their job search.

Griffin Poutre Explains Why a College Degree May Not Be All You Need in the Real World

Over the last few years, college graduates have quickly learned that they can’t expect to get their dream job right out of college. These roles usually go to tenured and experienced professionals.

Another concern for many graduates in the 21st Century is finding entry level work that offers a livable wage. Many metro areas with available work are also expensive. As such, some graduates are tempted to bypass great entry level opportunities due to budget constraints.

But there are a few things that college graduates can do to improve their job prospects, notes Griffin Poutre.

Think Big Picture

The best thing that a college graduate can do is to visualize where they want to be in five to ten years. This goal-setting mindset will help them see entry level jobs as just that — entry level. By taking an entry level job and committing to growth within an industry, they won’t be stuck in entry level work for very long.

Focus on Premium Employers

Job searching graduates should examine the best employers in their area and understand what makes those organizations great places to work, says Griffin Poutre. They can then follow that company online, connect with employees, and examine job descriptions.

Never Stop Learning

College is a great start, but most industries develop quickly due to the speed of technology. Graduates should commit to learning about their industry for the rest of their professional careers. This student mentality will produce new technical skills, professional relationships, and better job prospects.

Update Resumes

Recent graduates fare better in their job searches when they include on their resume relevant coursework, volunteer opportunities, and internships that they completed during their time in college, says Griffin Poutre.

Live Modestly

To afford that entry level job, graduates need to live on a modest budget. That often means lodging with roommates, staying away from car financing, and limiting spending until they begin advancing in their careers.



Griffin Poutre

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