Political Consultants: Griffin Poutre Explains What They Do and Why They Are Necessary

During any political campaign, it’s important to have the right team on your side, working together. When it comes to building your all-star team, you’ll want to include a political consultant. What exactly is a political consultant? Why are they important? And, how does this role differ from a campaign manager?

Throughout his studies, Newmarket, New Hampshire’s Griffin Poutre has been very involved and invested in the U.S. political system, first gaining noteworthy experience in 2014 when he interned for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and former U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). Griffin has also worked for Young Americans for Liberty and has lent his hand volunteering for Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign in New Hampshire and Andy Sanborn’s congressional campaign in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Most recently, Poutre completed an internship with Eric Brakey’s campaign for Congress in Maine’s Second District, where he gained experience reaching out to rural voters, who are frequently ignored by political campaigns. Mr. Poutre explains what a political consultant is and why they are necessary during a political campaign.

What is a Political Consultant?

Political consulting is a form of consulting that generally consists of advising and assisting political campaigns. Although the most important role of a political consultant is the development and production of mass media for campaign purposes, political consultants are also known to advise campaigns on many other activities, including opposition research and responding, voter polling, as well as engaging and executing fundraisers and other in-person events. Political consultants may also work in research or polling for the both political candidate and the campaign itself, says Griffin Poutre.

Political Consultants versus Campaign Managers

A campaign manager is a full-time employee who runs the day-to-day initiatives of a political campaign. Campaign managers do not share the same responsibilities as political consultants; however, they are still beneficial to have working on your team. A campaign manager works on one campaign at a time, devoting his or herself to creating a successful result. A campaign manager fully understands politics and can help you prioritize your time and resources to victory — a wonderful complement to a political consultant.

Griffin Poutre on the Importance of a Political Consultant

Because a political consultant’s role involves relationship building and engaging in meaningful conversation with the public, it has become an essential component of a political campaign. Engaging with the public and gathering relevant information can be used to develop a candidate’s election campaign strategy, and therefore help better serve the both the people and the campaign more appropriately.

Political consultants will have extensive experience working on campaigns across the country in different capacities. A political consulting team knows the ins and outs of campaigns and will work with you to craft a strategy designed especially for your political race, says Griffin Poutre. Although a political consultant doesn’t generally complete day-to-day tasks like a campaign manger does, a consulting team will leverage their expertise to help build a winning campaign strategy.

Student at the University of New Hampshire studying Political Science & Government. Located in Newmarket, New Hampshire.