Mirror, Mirror on the Wall — How Self-Reflection Led to My Career Pursuits in Digital Marketing

In the famous fairytale “Snow White,” the Evil Queen mystically summons a magical mirror and delivers the ever-quotable line inquiring just who is the “fairest one of all”. Mulan, gazing at her reflection in a mirror-like pool, contemplates the disagreement between who she is at heart and who the world sees. In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, Alice discovers an exciting and confusing world through a mirror.

Fairytales use the imagery of mirrors to illustrate self-reflection, perception, identity, duality, even confusion, and chaos (picture those mirrored rooms at carnivals that get you so turned around you’re lucky to find the way out — yikes!). Though merely an object, mirrors represent something of a crux as they relate to characters and their stories.

The Evil Queen, desperate for unthreatened self-worth, is filled with determined villainy when the mirror tells her something she doesn’t want to accept. Mulan sets out to prove herself — to discover her place in this world without bowing to the pressures of imposed identity. Alice finds herself both intrigued and disoriented in a world of imagination, opposites, and riddles.

As I reflect on my own story, I see similar nuances of self-discovery and identity. I have many interests and an active imagination. Ideas are my thing. Still, I have found myself perpetually confused as to what I actually should be doing with my life (anyone else? Just me?).

I have pursued with a fiery determination that which I perceived would give me an immortal value: a successful and prestigious career in medicine. But, lightning struck and like the Evil Queen, I fell off that cliff.

I have sought honor along a scientific career path — something expected for someone with my qualifications. That is, until I found myself miserable, staring at my reflection wondering “who is this person looking back at me?

Something had to change and that wasn’t going to happen until I re-discovered, well, Me.

Like Alice, I thrive in a world of creativity. Looking beyond the mirror into an alternate world of possibility and imagination, I realized that Wonderland was where I wanted to go next in my career.

Would it be disorienting? Yes! Would it be worth the risk of falling down a rabbit hole or two? Yes!

That’s how I ended up here, taking a Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

If you’re in a similar place, it may not be clear what direction to take. You may not know exactly where you’d like to end up. Wonderland is a place of exploration!

Take a step in some direction towards your dreams. You’re sure to end up somewhere! And you're sure to have a curious adventure along the way.

Where will your looking glass take you?

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