50% facts, 50% magic, 100% results

Disclaimer: most of this is sarcasm. Or is it?

So you have a client who needs an API for his e-commerce shop or whatever. You decide to build it in Laravel. You run:

laravel new overengineered-api

So far so good. You’ll start with a Product CRUD. Say you already have a schema in the DB, so you just need a model and a controller and you want to return a JSON.

php artisan make:model Product -m
php artisan make:controller ProductController --resource

So in 5 minutes, you could do something like that:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Models\Product;

To increase your income by 100% you need to just… (no, really)

Read job description because most applicants won’t

This is the king of all recommendations. It is ridiculous how many people ignore the job description before applying. A lot of recruiters even ask in the job description that your application starts with some random word, like “banana” and still, from my experience, more than half of applicants will fail to do even that. Forget about screening questions, requests to send links to repositories or to finished projects. I can’t stress this enough, if you read the job description and your application letter is relevant to it, you’re way ahead of at least 80% of other candidates.

A side…

Laptop and palms. We all think it’s going to be like that, right? :-)
Laptop and palms. We all think it’s going to be like that, right? :-)
Laptop and palms, we all think it’s going to be like that, right?

Disclaimer: this is an opinionated article, I can be plain wrong. But I think the world doesn’t need more generic “Follow your passion” pieces.

Stick to PHP and MySQL

Let’s start with the most outrageous one so that people who think I’m a total retard can stop here and now. But I do think all these toys cool kids use today (like Go, Rails and Django) or used yesterday (like making everything a microservice) just make your development more expensive. Maybe your buddy says he’ll deliver a cool serverless node.js app, with grahpQL API and MongoDB or Redis as a DB. But what are the…

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Digital bum, free thinker (in a sense that nobody would pay me to think) Founder at https://nomadicsoft.io/

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