Dynamic and Dapper

Dapper, a widely used term to describe a range of things. In this instance gentleman , we are talking about appearance. Being dapper not only measures your outfit but how your outfit completes your entire appearance. To complete the look of a dapper gentleman one must pursue dynamic aspects in appearance. Dynamic now meaning inconsistency in the preconceived norm of an outfit and accessories. The collaboration of socks , shoes , pants, shirt , blazer , cuff links, watch , hair cut and attitude all contribute to a dynamic look. Just a tip : Monochromatism is something to avoid when attempting to achieve this look!

How nice would it be for a beautiful young lady to compliment you on your outfit saying “You are looking dynamic and dapper today!” ?

This would most definitely push you to your fullest potential when dressing, especially if its the same lady who you’ve been seeing for the straight month in the coffee shop. When someone comments on your outfit, whether that be positive or negative, you began to either focus more on what you wear or you change up your style. New styles are nice- it just all depends on what fits you well and what you’re comfortable with. Try wearing something new and pay attention to the reactions that you receive!


Summer time requires fashionable looks without heavy attire. Linen is the perfect material when trying to achieve this specific look. The perfect outfit that I would wear is a Wheat color linen suit, light blue and white stripped shirt, and a dark midnight blue knit tie.

The Go To look

Everyone knows that feeling after a fresh haircut. You feel like a brand new person in some aspects and most of the time your confidence increases. I know when I get a fresh haircut, I try new styles that I wouldn’t normally try when I haven’t gotten one- but that’s just me.

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