As Dong-wook smiled and waved, Seoljong knuckles his fist as if in doubt. Is there a law in the world where the 4th year gives you the 1st year? It was awesome luxury for a seam.
“Sam, how are you ………”
“Last night I was drinking you. I’ll be standing there tomorrow instead. I don’t think.”
“Did you do that? Anyway, I’m glad. I know you’re going to sleep late, I’m only a small bean.
Only then did the snow extinguisher spread over the station. Dong-wook looked into the face of a snowman sitting slowly.
“Why do you?”
“Still seeing pretty.”
Then, Jong-il laughed sneakingly at him.
“Ay, Sam! Move while collecting. Still pretty.”
“Ha ha ha. Kim Seol-jong, are you really funny?”
Seol Jong faced him with a bright face and laughed. When her eyes sparkled, she shook her head.
“But Sam took me with me last night?”
“What can I say.”
“Yes, thank you. Hehe. Now I’ve seen Sam is a really good person. Standing on behalf of the job.”
While watching Jong-il smile brightly, Dong-wook stopped still like a man who had something to say and made her wonder. Then, I thought about forgetting the snow, came to the chart came to Donguk.
“Sam, I have a question.”
“I came to breathe a few days ago, I think there’s nothing wrong with this cardiogram.
At that point, Dong Wook looked into the chart. The chief was struck, but Dong Wook’s brain was famous in the hospital. At first glance, the rumor was that the owner of an unusual head. Original rumors are exaggerated, though.
“Here this part.”
Dong-wook pointed at one place in the graph of regular and large mountain patterns. However, Seoljong shook his head.
“I do not know?”
Dong-wook smiled tenderly and answered the snowman pretty.
“…….. So first year.”
Whispered sweetly as if telling a very important fact, Dong-uk woke up and stretched.
“Lunch time. I go to eat. Good work.”
“Is it all?”
“Look at the book, it’s all in the book!”
Seoljong pouting with an unpleasant look, asked once.
“What book, how many pages?”
Then Dong-wook, who walked out of trouble, said a word.
“Ecg Analysis and Understanding, page 226–233.”
Even after he disappeared, the snowman who drenched in snow like a cow ran to the office. When I pulled out the book on the shelf and opened it to page 226, I was honestly appalled to find the very thing she wanted.
“That’s not human!”
Dong-wook, who seemed fine, got acquainted with Gatorade for a reason. I’ve always heard that the place where only all kinds of psychos

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