In the middle of the day, the bell rings in the church next door. That’s why it’s called Snow New Year, Species, and Snow. Is it fun, brothers? “
“Kim Seoljong is the best! Ding Ding!”
“Is that so good?”
As Dong Wook asked me with earrings, Kyung Jin frowned.
“No, it’s the first time you’ve smiled so comfortably.”
At that end, Jing’s bid has hardened. Suddenly he realized that he was looking at her with a smile. Dong-wook, who stared at Kyung-jin’s tight mouth, smiled and drank beer.
Seojong stood in front of the song number finally put dry cough.
“Large, then my brother prepared for his ambitious work! Man of striped shirt, start!”
While Jeonju came out, the jongjong, who turned backward, stretched one arm to the side and rhythmicly moved. After the last week, she started singing with explosive singing power.
“Striped ~ Shirt on”
I was pointing at the motive Jinwoo who was wearing a striped shirt that day. Jin-woo couldn’t beat her because of her subtle temptation. It was a passionate gesture like a fire moth leaping toward the flame.
“I’m sweet, where’s that guy? I like it ~”
Pulling Jinwoo forward and singing a couple’s sexy dance, the atmosphere was at its peak.
“Oh exhilarating feeling!”
“Oh, no!
“After! After! After!”
“It ends!”
So after sweating karaoke so the party moved back to the fourth car. The first year, of course, had to go to the end, but the rest of the year was mostly in the mood.
“Chef Sam, aren’t you going?”
Jinwoo asked while standing in front of Room 4, which was the fourth place, but Kyungjin shook his head without entering.
“Tomorrow should go to the society from dawn.”
“Yes. Goodbye.”
When the snowy snowy bells bowed down, Kyung Jin glanced at her with dissatisfied eyes and turned around. It was a room salon.
“Okay, come on! I’m sorry if you don’t get my drink!”
The fourth year was almost gone, but Mr. Kwon Dong-wook continued to feed the first year what kind of acid. After about an hour, Jinwoo, Youngsik, and Hangah were completely stretched out of the huge amount of alcohol they drank, and they were sleeping in the corner of the bar. Dong-wook, a little bit apart from the third year, sat face to face with a snow extinguisher and offered a bottle.
“We’re drinking, brother!”
“Stir, 끅! Saem. I eat more, 끅! I can not. I’ll stand all the way. 끅.”
“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll stand on duty tomorrow.”
The snowman shook his shoulder with a bloody smile.
“Zhuh? What’s your 비아그라 brother standing?”
“Well, do you believe in brothers? Now, one more drink!”
Dong-wook continued to pour a cup of wine, saying, “Do you believe your brother?” Oddly drinking fun food is so cute that I keep recommending. I was nervous because I knew that Gyeongju, a stilted gourd, was interested in not speaking. The woman who caught the eye of Kyung-jin as he knew it was the first time that the extinction was actually wondering what was different from the ordinary woman.
“What do you think, Kyung-jin?”
“Well, Kyung-jin? Who is it?”
“Well, chief, what do you think of Park Chief?”
“Pak Chief?”
“Yes. Park Chief.”
At the end of the night, the chiffon filled the tears in his eyes and suddenly started wailing.
“Huh! Park Chief Sam! Park Chief Saeam!”
“No, you! Why are you crying? Don’t cry!”
“I like it, but I like that Sam so much ………. Mr. Lee! I do not know my heart, Park Chief!
Dongwook’s eyes widened. I knew that Kyung-jin thought a little special, but I didn’t even know that. He was so quick that he could not imagine. He felt that the extinction seemed to be very scared or disliked the chief staff.
‘Did you pretend that you liked it so much?’
Dongwook once again shook his head.
“Do you really like Park Chief, Kyung-jin?”
“Do you like the chief physician in medicine?”
“No, no, yup! I don’t like Gatorade! I’m Chitose, Chitose? Chitose! I’ll eat someday!”
When Dong-wook suddenly cried out, Dong-wook looked at the table and stood up and brought him a drink from the other side.
“Suddenly I’m looking for some sweets and drinks? Are you thirsty? There’s no Gatorade and Chitose now. Now, drink 3% of your time.”
Dong-wook didn’t know that ‘Gatorade’ was ‘Gatorade’ and ‘Chitos’ was ‘Chitos’, so his misconceptions grew deeper. Seoljong took the drink that Dong Wook had brought out and tried to refine the spirit that keeps walking away.
‘Oh, sleep and die. Why do you think this man keeps asking you for nothing? If you don’t think of Chitose, it hurts. ‘
As she woke up, Dong-wook started asking again.
“A lot good, Park Chief? Since when did you like?”
“Yes, good ……. I’ve had a crush on internship, how can you do that to me! Ugh!”
“Yes. The child was bad. I’ll apologize instead.”
The `` I can’t ‘’ of Seoljong means Chitos marries another woman, and Dong-wook apologizes for the grievance that Gatorade was scolding in his own country, but they didn’t know that their conversations didn’t fit at all. I was in the world of
“Why do you like Park Chief?”
“Ki Hing! You’re handsome. When you laugh when you are finished. Here is just pounding, yum!”
Seoljong put his hands on the heart and looked ecstatic. Eventually he fell to the table.
“You don’t look scary and handsome? Puck is a bad smell.”
Dong-wook shook his head as he chewed the snacks, but the collapsed snowman continued to murmur the bullshit.
“I miss you, I miss you Park Chief ………”
“Yeah, yes. I’ll call you brother. Two good each other, like a life-like. I’ll attach.”
When the snow falls so completely uncomfortable, Dong-wook glanced over the bodies of four wards and beckoned the second years of drinking from there.
“Hey guys come here!”
“Yes, Sam.”
“You, you bastard. You’re a bastard. You can leave it anywhere in the hospital.”
After two years, Jin-woo and Young-sik took away each other and disappeared, he picked up the phone and dialed the number. I received a call a long time after the buzzing signal.
Dongwook smiled with joy as the low, hard voice was delivered through the receiver.
“Come a little. Baby is irritable.”
Uncomfortable silence continued across the phone. Dong-wook pressed for a laugh.
[do it yourself.]
Oh, you bounce. I wonder on a subject that seems to die.
“Everything went, nigga. I’m going to rebel up now, I’ll do whatever you want to go 버리 go up or go away. I do not know.”
Dong-wook hung up without hearing the answer. Dong-wook smiled happily as he saw the rebels, stretching straight up to his nose.
“Well, what are you doing with your brother?”

Less than twenty minutes later, I heard footsteps ringing the hall. There must have been a struggle. A grin smiled on Dong Wook’s mouth.
‘Child, do not know why to bounce.
Interestingly, he seemed to die, but quickly returned to his expressionless face. Even if you laughed at this, you might be right with the prideful jin. He got up and lifted Hangah on his shoulder, and the door opened wide and he entered the field.
“Uh, you’re here. Bring me some.”
Dong-wook said as she grabbed Hanga. Feeling pathetic, Kyung-jin’s expression looks down on the sleeping snowy lying on the table. He glanced low, staring at the closed door.
“Damn, how long did you feed?”
Kyung-jin’s forehead was frowned upon by disgust. He tapped her shoe with his shoe with both hands in his pants.
“wake up.”
Ginjin’s face was full of feelings of discomfort. He leaned back on one of the tables and shook her shoulder with the other.
“Kim Seol-jong.”
Sheaap, hoo. Sheaap, hoo.
He was looking down on the sleeping slumber. He obscured the light and put a shade on her face. The skin of the white neck came to fucking. Jin’s hand slowly climbed up from her shoulders to her shiny hair.
His fingertips tremble finely, rubbing his ears from the rosy cheeks of the extinct and stroking his neck. The fragrant scent of the hair curled around the fingertips stimulated the tip of the nose. At the moment, his mouth dries up and his throat sticks up. Danjeon became hot.
But the next moment, Kyung-jin frowned, forcing her forehead and lifting her up with a rough hand. The temple of Kyung-jin, who walks with a snowy bell, limps like a corpse, is faintly red.

It was only when the sun rose in the middle of the year that the snow opened its eyes. The hangover was so terrible that I couldn’t get away. It feels like stirring the brain with a big spoon.
I sang Hang-ah, who slept on the bunk bed. A while later, the answer came from above.
“Woke up?”
Much more drunk than the extinction, but still seemed awake. I tried to think about it somehow, but my head was broken. Yesterday I did not think of Sam after Kwon Dong-wook gathered his first year at a room salon and shaked it. The film broke for the first time in my life. On this floor, Hangah hums with an incorrect voice.
“You know what?”
“You’re right?”
“2 years, don’t you know your voice anymore?”
“…… I know, why do I still want to sleep today.”
A snow bell opens my eyes with my eyes wide open

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비아그라 파는곳 | 시알리스 | 레비트라 | 발기부전치료제 | 실데나필 | 비아그라구입 | 비아그라구매 | 시알리스구입 | 시알리스가격 | 비아그라정품 | 시알리스정품 | 비아그라 구입 | 비아그라필름 | 비아그라인터넷구매 |

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