Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

I would say that those same questions could be asked of Owen Smith since he’s basically attempted to steal all of JC’s policies.

And that is the problem, its the same one most Labour supporters have been asking since the first leadership election. If not Jeremy then who?.

The PLP have proven themselves not only inept but utterly lacking in respect for democracy and willing to lie, smear and subvert rules to stop anyone that stands in their way. This is why people support Jeremy for all his flaws he is Labour, he represents what the party stands for better than anyone else.

Owen Smith is a useful fool, even if I accepted his suddenly found leftyness and he somehow managed to remove JC How long would it be before the Blairite wing of the party started targeting him for removal just like they did with Brown and Miliband.

Say he hangs on till 2020 then Labour loose again which given the polls looks likely especially when considering the upcoming boundary changes. What then? Do we go back to the PLP abstaining on Welfare bills that have since been condemned by the U.N?. A return to Tory deserving poor vs the undeserving poor?. At least with Jeremy I know where Labour stand, and at least know that he will fight the Tories since he’s done a better job in 9 months of that than Ed did for the first 4 years of his leadership.