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At yesterday’s pyAmsterdam meetup, we explained how we introduced type checking in our Python code at Tiqets.

Click below for the slides:


Why do we use Python type checking at Tiqets?

Type hinting has made a visible difference in how we develop the Tiqets platform.

  • Less cognitive load needed to work with our code. The types of parameters and return values are clearly stated and verified. No guessing, and no surprises.
  • Realize mistakes early. If we return the wrong type, forget…

Photo by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

Story Impact Mapping

Story Impact Mapping is a planning technique that connects Story Goals to Characters and the Impact they can have on these goals. For each impact, the Story Impact Map explores one or more Scene Events that cause it, including concrete examples of how each event can appear on the page.

Four questions: Why? Who? What? How?

When you do Continuous Delivery you can deploy whenever you want: you made it as easy as possible and you have become very good at it. Everyone in the Engineering and Operations teams knows how to deploy your application to any environment. Product can always see the latest bells and…

Òscar Vilaplana

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