Using GitHub Stargazers Distribution to Compare React, Angular and Vue

Analytics steps:

  1. Use GitHub API to fetch the stargazers of these frameworks.
  2. Use Google Maps Geocoding API to get the exact country information from the location field of each stargazer which is arbitrarily written by users.
  3. Use Plotly to draw bar charts to compare.

Comparison of data and charts

Some GitHub Stargazers do not fill their locations. The data is filtered and only the part of the data which includes the location field is used. The filtered data is

Final Chart



China users contribute a large percentage in React and Vue. Also, they like Vue more. If network resource is under your consideration and you do not understand Simplified Chinese (their forums should have a lot of resource), choose React or Angular.

Other consideration/comparison

There is a good article and you can take a look.



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