Grimm has committed the same “fraud” to Beam as Monero did to Bytecoin/CryptoNote.

Dec 12, 2019 · 7 min read

Hi there! We are Grimm [XGM] core developers from Russia, Den Novak and Andrew Cop. And this is our answer to the article by Vladislav Gelfer:

Vladislav, you introduced yourself as the Beam lead dev, and from your own words in the article about Grimm:

Vladislav: “Since I, as a Beam dev, directly benefit from the treasury, my opinion is biased”

On this note we can complete this discussion…) But, let’s make all things clear.

(1a) Assetchains

The idea of “Assetchains” is not new, you are right here, but not in the context that you presented. It does not apply to Beam in any way. Assetchains (aka parallel-chains) was introduced in 2017 by SuperNET/Komodo project link. We see great opportunities to develop this idea on Mimblewimble. And we position it as “Confidential Assetchains” and “Grimm is the first mimblewimble platform with a new Confidential Parallel-chains architecture”.

Vladislav: “The ability to create distinct blockchain configurations that can run in parallel without the risk of mixing was developed by Beam at a very early development stage. This way we currently run mainnet, masternet, and testnet without interference, as well as give our partners ability to run their testnets for tests and development.”

Testnet is presented almost in any POW coin. Obviously, Beam has testnet as any other altcoin. Launching testnet is as easy as changing a few params in coin source code.

As for Grimm “assetchains” — make no mistake, it’s just a year-old proof of concept developed by Beam

Confidential Assetchains is 100% XGM implementation, not even mentioned in ANY beam document or source code. Confidential Assetchains developing by Grimm from scratch (initial commit4d2c7ea1fa93f597cc874e91cf5d54c10088131a).

We introduced INSTRUMENT — the ability to create your own blockchain with new cryptocurrency and ticker in simple mode that can be work in parallel with Grimm and others assetchains. Users can set a new coin name (will be using in all functions by node, wallet, own db) , set pre-mine in the first block, taxes, set difficulty algo params, mining algo, ALL params and rules, can automatically receive Grimm updates.

Confidential Assetchains from Grimm is a much better solution for future of DEFI than assets from beam that in progress for more than year, yet not working. In near future Confidential asetchains from Grimm will evolve. You will see much more functions and features. You will be able to switch on/off on assetchain(scaling, protection, pegged assets, merged mining, etc, wait for announcements). It’s just the beginning.

(1b) Assets

It was implemented by Beam about a year ago, and disabled by default (commit bf2f88086659776f67e97a08e9aac9e5f27eb361 ).

This comment just disabled parameter “assets”. We agree that you needed to set the rule and parameter for the oracle to develop assets after the mainnet was launched. Beam developing assets. No one said the opposite.

That means that anyone can enable it in configuration (set CA.Enabled = 1) and use it at will on a dedicated testnet, but not on the mainnet.

And it’s not true) Everyone can enable your “assets” on YOUR (BEAM) mainnet, just by commenting this two strings in file core/block_crypt.cpp:

505 if (!Rules::get().CA.Enabled)
506 return false;

We can go even further and comment the following lines:

524 if (Rules::get().CA.Deposit)
525 sc.m_hGen += ECC::Context::get().m_Ipp.H_; // Asset is traded for beam!

Giving ANY user a malicious ability to create uncapped tokens supply on Beam mainnet.
In Beam implementation, this would mean vulnerability if they have working assets.

Why? Because Beam lead dev Vladislav Gelfer say at his article to Grimm:

Vladislav: The reason it was disabled is because it was a proof of concept rather than a production-ready feature. Neither was it reviewed for potential flaws, nor thoroughly tested (as we usually do before bringing anything new to the mainnet).

Today we already know about vulnerabilities that should be taken care of. In addition to this, in the current implementation (which is used by Grimm) the asset type is NOT concealed. Meaning, the linkability problem, which is known to be the “Achilles heel” of MW, becomes even worse.

A year ago our focus has shifted to ot…..

Relax. There is no vulnerability in BEAM, because there are no working assets. Only if BEAM will enable it in current implementation — they will have vulnerability.

We have a different approach and our own implementation of assets (yes, based on beam source code. That’s why we announced it 1 month ago as a “First WORKING assets”) based on assetchains. Commenting on mentioned lines will not do anything for Grimm).

In this commit bf2f88086659776f67e97a08e9aac9e5f27eb361 we initialize as assetchains as assets (you can check on copy paste, and try find it in Beam codebase). You can also check all comments before this

P.s. About copy paste. Grimm is based on Beam because it is a fork. Of course most of the source code comes from beam. You can find this info in comments to commits. So, Grimm is a fork of Beam, like Monero was a fork of Bytecoin/Cryptonote.

Removing the investor and devs reward (treasury).

This is not an “argument”:

Vladislav: “My argument, however, is that Grimm blockchain at the moment is NOT without commission either. Why is that? Because the Grimm blockchain is already being mined at a ridiculously low hashrate, 181K blocks are already mined at the moment of writing this. This means that 18 mln. Tokens have already been produced (which is, BTW, more than Beam treasury currently in circulation) at a very low cost. It’s not much different from premine in fact.”

And these are arguments:

  1. Mainnet was public since the very first block (Aug. 5, 2019)
  2. A sound announcement of mainnet start was made across different public resources: bitcointalk, twitter, medium, website launched
  3. Public grimm statistics on miningpoolstats on next day of XGM existence
  4. Multiple users and miners joined Grimm community in the very first days of Grimm existence (check messages from users and screens on telegram, bitcointalk posts, discord)
  5. Major cryptocurrency miners (gminer, miniz) added Grimm in one week of XGM existence
  6. At least two pools (ravepool, sunpool) are available in one week of XGM existence
  7. Sound promotion, including international conferences was performed (BlockchainLife 2019 video from Grimm presentation)
  8. Grimm exchange was available since the very first week of existence via a number of moderated OTC channels with huge trade volumes (more than daily supply)
  9. Multiple exchanges, including DEX added Grimm for trading first months
  10. We are public and actively developing, promoting and researching MW and XGM
  11. We have a fair launch of XGM. Open-source. No VC, no ICO, no pre-mine, no Founders tax. All mining rewards go directly to the miners. Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto vision of real cryptocurrency.

So, Vladislav, nothing replaces your 20% reward. Cryptocurrencies with founders tax is pseudo-crypto for reach guys who think they are smart enough to cheat the world with their %.

Next your example:

Vladislav: “I can provide Grin as an example of a MW project without the devs reward. In addition to being real developers (who we all respect) they cared a lot about fair launch, and were mined with adequate difficulty from the very beginning”.

If venture capital backed miners was controlled significant network hash when coin started, it’s not good for fair launch. And if you want to see fair launched coin and real decentralization for miners and users, welcome —

Historical XGM hashrate was pretty steady and relatively low. As it is now, giving an equal chance to mine XGM for every human being.
Egalitarianism is a core value of Grimm XGM.

It’s not a conclusion

So, based on the above your opinion is just make something up:

Vladislav: “Grimm project is fraudulent. They call themselves MW developers, but in fact nearly all they did is in essence just a simple rebranding of Beam. They are misleading about the features they developed, and about their economic interest”.

And in this your “argument”:

Vladislav: “It is also worth mentioning that Grimm people repeatedly spread speculative unconfirmed (mostly fake) news about their project (such as being a candidate for receiving big investments)”.

You are even too lazy to read the full text on your link:

Unknown Fund that helps privacy-focused teams published first MW project release
Hey there,
if you didn’t know — Unknown Fund Investing $75 Million in Bitcoin for the Development of Anonymity.
And yesterday they published first MW project release — about Grimm XGM —
This is a huge success for GRIMM and MW projects in general! Congrats everybody who is involved!

What unconfirmed or fake news are you referring to? The news were: “fund published Grimm release” on their website and twitter above. There is no information or even mention about “candidate for receiving big investments”.
Grimm NEVER received any funding from any known or unknown fund at the moment. We spend our personal funds and time on Grimm development and we have a strong community supporting us.

Fighting for Freedom of MimbleWimble protocol. Grimm [XGM] without any funds have changed the MW game

Vladislav: “However there is a fundamental difference between development of technology, and “selling” someone else’s code, without fully understanding it”.

We don’t “selling” our code or someone else’s code. You can understanding it, or not (it’s your business). Grimm is open-source. While Beam is focused on monopoly, trying to form a wrong public opinion around Grimm [XGM], around new Mimblewimble projects, and around Mimblewimble protocol as a whole (for its own benefit), XGM folks (Grimmers) are fighting for freedom by giving MimbleWimble to everyone for free. Projects and users already can create their own blockchain on the Grimm platform. We are planing to attract a huge number of projects in the future.

Grimm XGM value transparency, free speech, privacy, decentralization, freedom over wealth, freedom over money, and freedom over power. The only path forward is to work together to build a better systems…

“I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

― William Blake, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion

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