The Anonymous Unknown Fund just published Grimm $XGM release

Dec 4, 2019 · 2 min read

The Anonymous Unknown Fund that will help Bitcoin, #blockchain, and privacy-focused companies, just published Grimm $XGM release

Grimm XGM mimblewimble platform. Confidential Assetchains.

Dec 3

Written By Anonymous

Authors are Den Novak & Andrew COP from

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Grimm is a first Confidential Parallel-chains platform based on magic mimblewimble protocol. Grimm provides a full blockchain kit to create your own independent blockchain for any project or product. Native blockchains created on the Grimm platform are called Confidential Assetchains.


Assetchains works as parallel chains and we will be able to provide confidential cloud storage and file sharing applications. The principle behind these applications is to use different blockchains for different purposes: for storing files, for messages, and so on. Each app will only use a specific assetchain and will not be saved by others. Transactional data does not increase with the number of users, as a result the weight of blockchain is reduced by several times. In addition, with the reduction of the blockchain, users do not need to download large blockchains, as BTC and its forks.

Possibility to allowing one Assetchain to verify transactions for any other Assetchain for significant increase TPS and offer scalable payment solution. Creating assetchains is more expensive than creating payment channels (like lightning network)

Possibility to allowing Assetchain users to create own assets on mimblewimble protocol, like colored tokens but using all confidential technologies of mimblewimble protocol.

Customizable. Scalable. Private. Easy to use.

The platform has it’s own cryptocurrency $XGM. Mainnet is public since the very first block. There is no developers tax, no pre-mine, no any fundraising rounds. All Grimm platform features is free. Grimm is nonprofit, community driven project.

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