The GRIMM [XGM] platform has introduced the ability for users to create Confidential Assetchains on the Mimblewimble protocol.

Dec 2, 2019 · 2 min read


Den Novak & Andrew COP
Dec.2, 2019

Grimm is the first Mimblewimble platform with a new Confidential Parallel-chains architecture that provides the ability to create your own independent mimblewimble blockchain for any project or product. New blockchains are called Confidential Assetchains. For start you need only one computer.

Features of Grimm platform:

• Easy and user friendly Blockchain creation Kit. Allows to create own blockchain without in-depth technical knowledge.
• Customizable. Allowing creators to change params in their own blockchain from algorithm to consensus rules. Possibility to choosing whether or not to receive upgrades from Grimm mainnet.
• Confidential Assets. Possibility to allowing Assetchain users to create own assets on mimblewimble protocol, like colored tokens.
• Fast. Possibility to allowing one Assetchain to verify transactions for any other Assetchain for significant increase TPS.
• Scalable. Transactional data stored on the blockchain does not increase with the number of users, as nodes store only unused outputs and block headers. As a result, the weight of blockchain is reduced by several times.

Grimm platform has it’s own cryptocurrency $XGM. Mainnet is public since the very first block. There is no developers tax, no pre-mine, no any fundraising rounds. Grimm is nonprofit, community driven project.

Release link


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