Freewallet org: what is it and why you should avoid it

Emilia Grims
5 min readJun 1, 2024


In 2016, when cryptocurrencies were just beginning to gain popularity, a product called Freewallet appeared on the digital application market. This wallet was widely advertised as convenient, secure, and most importantly, allowing you to store dozens of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Monero, etc. There are many more crypto wallets on the market today. But many still decide to download Freewallet org. Don’t let this happen! This app is created by scammers to steal your assets! Today we will tell you more about such cases.

What is Freewallet org

Freewallet is a cryptocurrency wallet service that supports a variety of digital assets. It offers both mobile and web-based wallets, allowing users to store, manage, and transfer their cryptocurrencies. Freewallet provides features such as built-in exchanges, cold storage, and a user-friendly interface, which can make it appealing to both beginners and experienced users in the crypto space.

If you read advertising articles on the project website and resources providing service administration services, you will see texts similar to these. Agree, it looks quite tempting. On Freewallet you can store dozens of tokens and coins and exchange them freely. In addition, the application is advertised as secure and convenient. All this is a lie. In the screenshot above you could see a complaint from a user who lost money due to the fault of this “free wallet”. And here is another example of scam, now obvious!

Be careful: Freewallet KYC scam

If you don’t understand why the user is accusing Freewallet of stealing coins, although it seems to be a simple account blocking, let’s first look at what KYC is. At the request of the authorities, crypto exchanges and similar services are required to identify clients. What does KYC/AML have to do with crypto wallets is a separate question. We will not discuss it, since this is not the main problem. Under the pretext of verification, Freewallet owners commit a scam: victims’ accounts are blocked, after which the administration simply ignores the requests and messages of the victims. You can find dozens of similar reviews!

Freewallet reviews on Reddit

The easiest way to understand why you can’t use this wallet is to enter the query “Freewallet scam” into a search engine. You will see dozens of complaints on different websites, forums, and review platforms. A striking example is Reddit Freewallet reviews. Here’s one of them.

I’m trying to take out about $300 and they are requesting information, and each response asks for more information. It’s kind of creepy.

This is how the victim comments on the actions of the administration. Do you think this is an accident? No, we are talking about a phenomenon known as Freewallet KYC scam:

  1. The client downloads the wallet and deposits assets. The application seems convenient and reliable, but as soon as the victim tries to withdraw coins, he receives a notification about blocking.
  2. The administration explains what is happening with concerns about security and asks for identification.
  3. The client sends photos or scans of documents. But moderators either reject them or simply ignore the messages.

As a result, victims cannot withdraw their assets for months!

Other reviews

Similar accusations can be found on other sites and forums. Of course, with the exception of official resources. There, Freewallet owners continue to advertise the application, convincing customers of its reliability. But we do not recommend checking this advertisement on personal savings.

Can Freewallet victims get their assets?

This issue is a major concern for Freewallet users. Often, the administration blocks accounts as soon as a transfer is received. Faced with the inability to withdraw their funds, users typically try to negotiate with customer support, submit documents, and request the unlocking of their wallets. Eventually, many feel desperate and resigned to losing their money. Don’t succumb to these feelings! There’s still a chance to reclaim your assets.

CONSULT A COMPETENT LAWYER This is the initial step towards recovering your funds. If your blocked amount is relatively small, such as $100, hiring a lawyer might not be cost-effective. However, our team offers free consultations! To support your case, it’s crucial to document all communications, transactions, and notifications via screenshots. The owners of Freewallet remain unpunished largely because many victims lack the evidence to prove fraud. Authorities often dismiss these cases as minor disputes over issues like poor-quality scans.

In addition to gathering evidence, a lawyer can help you properly draft a claim. Your statement should include:

  • When you started using the wallet.
  • The amount deposited or received.
  • When the first issues appeared.
  • Steps taken to resolve the situation.
  • Any actions by the Freewallet administration to assist you.

INVOLVE LAW ENFORCEMENT Each case of blocked or stolen assets should be reported to law enforcement. Many countries allow online reporting, but sending your complaint by mail can be more effective. This approach shows the police that the crime impacts a real person. Additionally, it’s beneficial to push for law enforcement action in similar cases. For instance, signing our petition can help draw the attention of the NFIB to Freewallet’s criminal activities.

But the main advice we can give to the reader is to never download Freewallet org. This is a total scam created to steal your savings!