Clever Ways To Save Up On Your Car Insurance Premiums

The rate of car insurance premiums in Singapore continues to be on the rise. This is why it is important to look for ways to save up on car insurance premiums without sacrificing your automobile’s security.

Most of the time, the car insurance providers in SG will make a thorough assessment of your car’s features and capacities before they can determine the amount of premium that you have to pay. Popular providers like the continental insurance company have expert assessors that can perform fair assessment on the quality of the car that you own. However, it could help if the assessors from companies like continental insurance will get pertinent details from you to be able to lessen the amount of insurance premiums that you have to pay for.

Based on the report from The Mirror UK, one of the things that you can do to lower your car insurance is to fill up your car registration form with accurate personal information. For example, those who mistakenly described their job description as a “chef” if they are just a kitchen staff will be billed with a higher insurance premium since the insurance assessor will base it on the salary that chefs normally make annually. You should also specifically indicate if you are already retired from your job or a full-time parent instead of simply labelling yourself as unemployed.

Also, adding an experienced secondary driver in the car insurance premium could also help you save a significant amount from your insurance policy. It would be ideal if the secondary driver has a clean driving record and no claims history to help you lessen the insurance rate.

Another important tip to consider to lower the car insurance amount is to know the proper timing of looking for a new insurance service provider if you plan to switch. According to the report, it would be better if you decided to switch car insurance providers three weeks prior to your renewal date instead of doing it on the day itself. This could allow you to save a lot of money.

It would also be a good idea if you compare all the car insurance premiums that are available in the market before you decide to make the switch.

The report also mentioned that there are websites that offers a cashback option if you decide to switch your car insurance through them.

Another clever tip to consider is paying the car insurance premium up front since insurance service providers normally add a significant amount of interest on your payment if you decided to spread the cost throughout the year. If you make a straight payment, you will save a lot by removing the interest rate.

You can also save a lot of cash on your car insurance premium by considering all the add ons that you will include in your policy. Since every extra coverage adds to the amount of insurance that you have to pay, it would be better if you will analyse if you really need it before you add it to your car insurance policy.

With all these tips in mind, you can save up a lot of cash on your car insurance premiums.

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