Fundamental Questions You Should Be Asking A Potential SEO Company To Work With

Today, having a website landing on the first page of search engine results is already a huge thing for most companies. It just means that the Internet marketing strategies they have put in place are working. It is even more satisfying especially if your company is the top one result and frequently appears in the results page. Can you just imagine how many online users will be frequently visiting your website and increase your web traffic?

Now, there may be plenty of marketing tactics that you can apply but it’s important to not overlook the significance of search engine optimization. Defined as the process of affecting the visibility of websites in the search engine results pages, SEO is still recognized as a valuable element in the internet marketing success of your company. It has been at the forefront of this type of marketing for many years, so why ignore its significance to your business?

You should be interested in the idea of working with a SEO company today as they have a better understanding of how search engine works, what keywords people are actually searching for and many more. However, because of the numerous algorithm updates that top search engines like Google rolled out for the past few years, you may be working with a SEO agency Singapore based that only uses traditional Internet marketing strategies. If you want an agency that can deliver the latest and results-driven SEO services in Singapore, then continue reading.

In the following paragraphs, you will have an idea of what types of questions you should be asking a SEO service provider to see if they’re suitable for your business or not.

Question #1: What strategies do you have in mind to effectively promote my business?

SEO is not a new concept anymore. In fact, it probably underwent several changes to keep up with the algorithm updates that Google, for example, rolled out to weed out companies utilizing bad practices. It is, therefore, essential to get in touch with the company and have a consultation regarding the tactics they have in mind. Do your own research too about the current SEO practices popular today to given an input into the matter, if possible.

Question #2: How will you make sure that my website is mobile friendly?

When “Mobilegeddon” was launched, many companies saw the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. It greatly affected those companies that didn’t follow the newest update and benefited the ones who did. As mobile searches continue to increase, it is recommended to check with the SEO company if they have any suggestions or will do something to ensure your website is mobile friendly and optimized too.

Question #3: What is the plan of the company in terms of utilizing social media to promote your business?

Companies need not only to ensure their websites are mobile friendly, they also have to make sure to take advantage of social media. Promoting your business through social media contents will definitely have a positive impact to your ranking as there is a high chance of these being indexed by Google and other search engines. What will be the plan of the company, in case you choose them, in terms of utilizing social media? Do you need to do anything on your end to help?

There are many more questions you should be asking a SEO agency you’re eyeing to hire. But hopefully, these three questions mentioned above will be able to help you.