What You Need To Know About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance. You’ve heard of them but probably just shrugged your shoulders off and raise your eyebrows because you feel it is such a waste to be paying for something when you’ve got other bills to worry about. Not only is it wise to finally decide to check on travelers insurance, it is imperative nowadays to be aware of the possibility of getting into an emergency health concern while you are overseas. Jenna Miller — who once traveled to Singapore last year and had been caught in a car accident while on a taxi — wished she knew better than snub those online travel insurance that her friends kept telling her about, “ I had to learn the hard way that visiting a foreign country like Singapore may bring some unpleasant events that would have been easily solved have I only stopped being stubborn and got myself a decent insurance for travel for once. As I only brought enough pocket money to get myself a cheap hotel and pay for entrances for theme parks and museums, I found myself almost begging from the people in the hospital to help me raise money to pay for my hospital bills. As soon as I got home in California, I got myself a travel insurance because I still intend to travel feeling secured in the future. That was such a horrible experience that I wouldn’t wish it happens to anybody.”

Never get caught on a similar, unfortunate situation while travelling abroad. If you’re still not convinced with the many benefits you’d get out of a travel insurance, read on:

For Accidental Death: Knock on wood that this won’t happen anytime soon, at the prime of your life. But just in case of death during a trip, you are entitled to a death payment. It should be in the clause of your contract with the insurance company. If the death was caused by an injury during your trip within 12 months of the journey, you shall be covered. Your family won’t have to worry then for your burial expenses as your travel insurance will cover everything.

For Permanent Disability: If during your travel, you lose your leg or your arm, or suddenly your sight was impaired and suddenly became blind, for certain reasons, the travel insurance shall pay you at least 12 months as soon as you return home.

For Trip Cancellation: One of the great things that a travel insurance covers that doesn’t involve injuries or death is the protection it provides for trips that might have been cancelled or interrupted. It sometimes happens that before or during the trip, an emergency arises so your travel can be cut short. In situations like this, your travel insurance ensures that you will get the necessary compensations for losses. Also, the insurance covers baggage that were lost and even personal belongings that have gone missing.

For Hospitalization: Just like what happened to Jenna Miller (that while on a trip, an unfortunate accident happened to your dismay), no one would ever want to feel helpless when you can’t even pay for a minor injury from a minor car accident. That’s when a travel insurance comes in handy. Your travel insurance can pay for your sudden hospitalization even overseas.

Note: There are more that were not mentioned as the coverage of travel insurance vary depending on what has been declared on the agreement between the insurance company and the client. Make sure to read everything and ask questions on vague and ambiguous terms. Do not sign anything until you fully understood the entirety of the contract.

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