Chris Jantzen
4 min readJun 13, 2020


Losing WW3: The Battle of Attrition

JFK | 9/11 | 2020

The war started at JFK for my parents’ generation. WW3 has been an information battle, a war of thoughts and ideology. For my generation, the first major battle was 9/11, the greatest magic trick ever attempted. The humans lost, utterly confused. The small resistance was easily scattered with materialism and social pressure. The remaining tin hats were left arguing with one another over nuances such as which type of explosives blew the towers. Trolls and infiltrators dominated the scene. The few truthers cared, but missed the lesson. We lost the battle to inform the public about the true danger.

Most people were not willing to discuss such a sore and uncomfortable historic event. It was far easier to leave it to the ‘honest’ politicians who always solve problems. It made more sense to fix the problem by passively allowing more intrusive laws to be built. We knew this was in quiet preparation for a future police state. And don’t you dare bring up ‘persistent contrails’, those are inconceivable.

WW3 was a continuation of WW2 as that was a progression or effect of WW1. The difference with WW3 is the innocent victims don’t exist. Physical violence occurs more often at more than arm’s length, metaphorically speaking.

Evil is ignorance, apathy, and callous behavior. Modern humans have owned the capability to find any information with modern technology. The ‘WWW’ had evolved and emerged, available via the ‘apocalypse’ or the ‘great unveiling’. This was the 2012 realization. It was this specific change in possibilities that humans ignored. A crucial battle lost to tyranny.

An allergy-like dis-ease formed in the organs of humanity. Like a histamine autoimmune disfunction, the plight of the whole was reflected in our individual inability to face the truth.

The result is that now people overreact to things that are not dangerous and don’t react to the actual dangers present. Like heroin addicts, individuals in society refuse to change their lifestyles. There was time to take proactive action to counter the evil and lies.

The modern civilized domesticated human is terrified of the least bit of conflict when alone as an individual. Conversely, the same individual becomes aggressively confrontational when in a large group or crowd where the individual feels protected and safe. Behind a mask or behind a symbol of authority gangs have free reign to wield their thuggery using their military-sponsored torture toys. The new popular norm is to sneak around in cyberspace and jab your enemies. For those who want to walk the earth yet, settle for fake heroism or fitting in the ranks of drone-like submission. Falling into cult fanaticism, these cowardly humans do not seek self-knowledge. Some folks never even knew that was ‘a thing’.

‘Know thyself’ seems to be a lost ideal in the recesses of mythology, left to the downtrodden rare non-conformist who is shunned and verbally ridiculed by the masses.

These 2020 humans with rare exceptions have no idea that a war is in full swing all around them. From actual bombs and various forms of chemical attacks to the drug trade human trafficking.

Embedded in the core of Politics, Religions, and Hollywood, the child-eating machine goes on non-stop in countries around the world.

Meanwhile, in the supposed ‘first world’, the implosion of the human psyche and soul trickles and dissipates into the ignorant oblivion of fast food stomach grenades and microwaved chemical burns.

The silence rings from the news whore witch-burning style 24 hr news to the modern-day book-burning censorship on elite-controlled social media outlets.

We are under a magnetic vibrational attack. We are subliminally poisoned from the ever-multiplying screens which effortlessly manipulate the herd mind to emotionally react. We laugh and fall into sorting tumblers each carefully coated with layers of nano particular smart dust and charged with thousands of kilowatts of atmospheric heater magnetic vibrations. All these tactics converge to break up any possible chance of self-recognition or doubt in the norm.

geoengineering in full effect

The public cannot wait for the next edition of ‘made-to-control-you’ software updates. Too many will hurry up and put on the slave masks to get in the store first.

The lone conspiracy theorist waves his arms in desperate despair as the crowds trample the trembling old man still grasping the true knowledge of evil in his hands. The template for freedom of all humankind skips around on the concrete, over the guard rail, floating effortlessly down into the ocean. Truth and Freedom were not meant to be forgotten and left for another future generation. The time is always NOW.