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On block #262,080, the network successfully upgraded to version 2.0.0. Please upgrade your node to Grin v2.0.0 and wallet to Grin-Wallet 2.0.0.

Grin v2.0.0 and Grin-wallet v2.0.0, which include support for the upcoming hard fork, have been released. Changes in these releases have been almost entirely focused on hard fork support and ensuring the entire ecosystem will be running the same version of the transaction-exchange format (the Slate) post-upgrade.

These are required updates for all users, and we recommend everyone take the opportunity to update as soon as possible.

Read more on the Grin forum:

As previously announced, Grin will fork four times in its first two years of existence, every 60*24*7*26 = 262,080 blocks (roughly 6 month intervals), set in the code to block heights 262,080, 524,160, 786,240, and 1,048,320. The first network upgrade is expected to happen in mid-July. Compatible versions of grin node, grin-wallet, and grin-miner will be versioned 2.0.0 or greater. The first releases of these are scheduled for June.

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Grin Coin Margin Trading

Are you interested in trading Grin Coin at a leverage of up to 100X?

Candidates for GRIN margin trading are BitMex, ByBit, and DeriBit.

Let us know in the comments which of the above options you are looking forward to the most. Please note that there is not yet a task force to get GRIN added to these margin trading platforms. However, if the global Grin Coin Community is interested, a team can be formed to reach out.

Some of the best crypto exchanges to buy, sell, and trade Grin coin:, Kucoin, BitForex, Binance.

— At time of posting, GRIN margin trading is available on (which requires verification).

Buy and Sell Grincoin

If you want to trade Grin Coin (ツ), there are plenty of options to choose from. Although Grin’s mainnet is still very young, various exchanges have already listed the coin on their platforms.

For a comparative overview of cryptocurrency exchanges that support Grin trading, including GRIN/BTC, GRIN/ETH, and GRIN/USDT pairs, check out the How to Buy Grin Coin Exchange Comparison. This frequently updated list compares Location, Fees (Taker, Maker, and Withdrawal Fee), Pairs, KYC , and Minimum Withdrawal.

Please do your own research before trading. Also keep in mind that options to trade in a fully decentralized fashion are being developed. The GrinSwap Atomic swap exchange, for instance, is coming soon.

Some of the best crypto exchanges to buy, sell, and trade Grin coin:, Kucoin, Binance.

Proof-of-Work types in Grin are variants of Cuckoo Cycle:

* CuckARoo (ASIC Resistant), mined by 6GB+ GPUs

* CuckAToo (ASIC Targeted), mined by ASICs and 11GB+ GPUs

Mining Guides

Grin Mining Pools

You can find an updated list of Grin pools here: mimblewimble/docs/wiki/Community-projects#mining-pools


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the community on Gitter or the Grin Forum.

Where to trade Grin?

Despite having just launched, Grin Coin is already traded on many different exchanges from around the world.

Currently, a new grin is emitted every second, and it’s likely to stay that way forever, meaning that the supply inflation rate stays constant. Why? Consider the following points.

It’s very close to Bitcoin in the first decade

The first four years of Bitcoin emission rate are identical to the first four of Grin. Bitcoin had a full reward for 4 years, followed by half that for the following 4 years. So compared to a constant supply, after 8 years, the total amount of coins emitted is only 33% less. Compare that to daily price fluctuations.

It’s more similar to Ethereum

Ethereum’s reward stayed at 5 ether per block until late 2017. It then…

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We recommend an account with and a familiarity with the community developed grin wallet, . With these two services it will be possible for users to trade grin in a decentralized manner, eventually through atomic swaps.


The best way to trade grin is using Bisq:

Bisq is a self-hosted, P2P decentralized exchange without KYC, routed through Tor.

It is more involved than a centralized exchange, but the benefits are abundant. Please start getting familiar ASAP!

OTC Trading

There is of course also the opportunity to trade directly with peers via different channels. Until atomic swap implementation…


Electronic transactions for all. Without censorship or restrictions. Project Website:

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