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Church of the Assumption, Bled, Slovenia by Istvan Csak

Amongst an international pandemic and the future of brands post-COVID-19, a new era of awareness is arising, and that’s not just our sea levels. …

solid blue sapphire coloured background with the words why write? outlined in the colour opal
solid blue sapphire coloured background with the words why write? outlined in the colour opal

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this question is an irrelevant thing to write about. You’re on Medium for a reason. You clicked a link somewhere to get to this essay and you must have at least the passing interest in reading in general to get this far. So is it important why GRIN has started writing? GRIN is a creative design agency so in some respects, does it really matter what we write? Given that our bread and butter is visual design, you might ask; Does writing add anything to a visual communication practice?

Using the four motives that George Orwell describes in his essay “Why I write”, we can reflect on why GRIN has chosen to start writing. Orwell’s four motives for writing are: Sheer egoism (a “look at me” attitude), Aesthetic enthusiasm (for the love of words and how they fit together), Historical impulse (i.e. documentary), and Political purpose (here Orwell understands ‘political’ in its broadest sense and sees it as an attempt to change someone’s mind, whatever the subject). Orwell argues that there is a combination of all four behind every writer’s desire to write. It just depends on what order, or weighting, each point is allocated. More than anything from Orwell’s framework, GRIN is motivated by the combination of Historical impulse and Political purpose. We want to comment on contemporary, historic and future graphic design. We want to collect and present (what we might consider) disparate topics or ideas and present them in coherent articles. Some of this will be critical and so therefore, we would want to present concepts that challenge existing ideas, with a desire to change minds. However, as Orwell states regarding ‘Sheer egoism’, “It is humbug to pretend this is not a motive, and a strong one” and we’d agree. There has to be some element of this otherwise we’d keep all this to ourselves! It would be immodest to think that there is no ego involved in publishing our thoughts and opinions on an open, public platform. …

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Underground Entrance at the totally empty Piccadilly Circus by ZGPhotography

The colossal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt across the globe, redefining economic, political and social landscapes. …



GRIN is a creative agency specialising in communicating your story and developing your brand through graphic design, motion, digital and typography: grin.uk.com

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