Itaú Bike Challenge II, West to East, Planning Stage

I won’t go into as much detail about the planning process of this adventure as it was much the same as the process I used to create the Itaú Bike Challenge, North to South route. The simplicity of this method means that I leave much of the route decision making up to Google Maps and its cycling feature. If I were to approach the planning in a more hands on way (as with many of my previous adventures); that is, choosing more direct routes and main roads, using street view to decide on the ride-ability of a particular road etc, it would take a lot longer and be harder to ride in practice (stopping often to look at the map). This kind of route across the back streets of São Paulo presents a huge challenge to manually plan as opposed to a route that uses main roads for greater distances. The attraction for me in using this method is the serendipity that occurs in trusting Google Maps to get me from A to B in a way it sees fit and using the turn by turn voice directions to guide me in my headphones. I will inevitably pass through some parts of São Paulo I may otherwise never have had I planned it manually.

…and so briefly. How did I put this one together? Firstly, I went to and used the station map to determine the most westerly and easterly stations and copied their addresses into Google Maps and a separate text document. Looking at the route Google plotted me and the bike station map, I decided on some other bike stations to stop at. As with the north to south challenge I would be passing through Ibirapuera park. Beyond this I saw that the route passed near Aclimação Park; a park I’d never visited, so I chose the bike station there, copied its address into my text document and confirmed its existence on street view. From here on the route would take me through parts of Mooca and Vila Carrão that I had never been to so I randomly picked two more bike stations near the suggested route and copied their addresses into my text document.

This gave me a total of five bike stations for the whole trip. An Itaú bike rider could easily get between any of these stations in under an hour thus avoiding the R$5 per hour fee for subsequent hours.

So I plugged these addresses in Google Maps one by one using the ‘add destination’ plus sign, making sure to select the cycling option. The resulting route can be seen in the title photo.

The addresses, in order, are as follows…

R. Guilherme Barbosa de Melo, 2–54 — Cidade Monções (most westerly)

Praça Prof. Belmiro Nascimento Martins, 400 — Jardim Nossa Sra. Aparecida (Aclimação Park)

Rua Camé, 284 — Mooca

R. Evangelina, 336 — Vila Carrao

R. Alicante, 501 — Vila Granada (most easterly)

I emailed these addresses to myself so as to have them on my phone. I would then start at the first station, plug in the next station on the Google Maps app (making sure to use the cycling option) and ride to it using the turn by turn instructions. At the next station I would plug in the third station and so on…

I liked the random, convoluted look of the route and was really looking forward to riding it as it would really add to my knowledge of the gargantuan São Paulo.

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