5 Cures for Muscle Pain After a Workout

Muscle pain after a workout is often an unwelcome friend. You know it’s going to happen, and you are familiar with it, but your goal is to minimize the visit. You do not have to let muscle pain and soreness interfere with the days following your workouts. Try these 5 cures for muscle pain after a workout to diminish the duration:

1. Gradually increase the weight load

One way to decrease muscle pain is try to avoid it altogether. You do not want to sacrifice your intense workouts, but ease your way into them. Gradually increase weight loads so your body adapts to each level easily without unnecessary muscle pain.

2. Schedule a massage

Massage therapy is a natural remedy to help alleviate muscle pain after a workout. A qualified massage therapist is able to knead out tension in the deepest muscle layers. This removes tight trigger points but also increases circulation to these areas. The increase in circulation promotes a flow of cells to repair your muscles and removes toxins that contribute to your discomfort.

3. Stretch

Stretching muscles after a workout is a great way to reduce muscle pain. Immediately after your strength-training session, include flexibility exercises for the muscles you have worked. This helps reduce muscle tension and soreness. Also stretch the day after a workout to continue to avoid muscle tension and pain spots. Plus, stretching warms the muscles by increasing circulation and healing to the area.

4. Soak in a hot bath

A hot bath helps you relax which can reduce muscle tension. It also improves circulation to your muscles to promote healing. You can also try adding a cup of Epsom Salt to the bath to alleviate muscle soreness.

5. Use protective measures

Avoiding muscle pain is easier than trying to get rid of it after a workout. While slight muscle stiffness is typical, you do not want to be in so much pain that it is difficult to get dressed the next day. You should feel as if you have worked out, not been hit by a truck. Limit the number of reps and sets you do and always use proper workout techniques to keep your body safe. Add rest days into your rotation so your muscles heal properly. Wear protective gear such as gloves to minimize your risk of muscle soreness and other hand injuries.

Originally published at www.gripads.com on August 16, 2016.