Discover Belinda Kiriakou’s Favorite Workout Gloves

Fitness professionals, such as Belinda Kiriakou, know the protection from Gripad’s gloves is unlike any other workout glove. Belinda Kiriakou inspires fitness in herself and others. As a top IFBB Professional fitness athlete and model, Belinda understands the importance of improving the look of her body while protecting her hands from abrasions, calluses and injuries that may interfere with her modeling career or business operations. Belinda partnered with Gripad to develop the perfect workout glove to train hard and look fashionable.

Gripad’s Special Design

Belinda has her own special style whether she is pushing her body past its limits or motivating others through Starfit and Fun gym workouts. Her dedication to physical strength and fitness shows in the smallest of details, which includes what she wears on her hands to train. Belinda chooses Gripad’s gloves for the amazing protection and ease with which the gloves are used. She easily slips them on and uses the gloves for resistance training, interval workouts, athletic conditioning, and even yoga. Gripad designed a special pair of gloves for Belinda. The purple Gripad gloves show gold and black around the fingers that is visible when grasping exercise equipment. The palm-protection is ideal and can be used on barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, cable handles, and exercise machine grips. The purple pad covers pressure points on the hand to reduce calluses and abrasions from palms rubbing against equipment. The finger loops make it easy for Belinda to slide the Gripads on and off her hands if she takes a break to write a reminder note, shake someone’s hand, or change the music on her player.

Belinda’s Personal Motivation

Fitness professional Belinda Kiriakou spends her days motivating others to be their best. When you wear Belinda’s purple Gripad gloves, you’ll feel that motivation to boost you past workout plateaus and challenge your body to be its best. Belinda wants you to find peace in strength and balance and these two words are inscribed on your purple Gripad gloves as a constant reminder. Let her mantra carry you through and help you reach all of your health and wellness goals. Easy to store in your gym bag or purse, Belinda’s purple Gripad gloves will be the first thing you reach for when you arrive at the gym.

Originally published at on September 1, 2016.