What are the Benefits of Using Neoprene Weight Training Gloves?

If you are not familiar with neoprene material, think wet-suits. Neoprene is a popular material used to make wet-suits since it is protective, resistant to chemicals, oils, and abrasion, and is lightweight. All of these qualities are important in weight training gloves, too. Wouldn’t you enjoy a training glove that protects your hands, resists breaking down, and isn’t bulky so as not to interfere with your workout progress? If so, a pair of neoprene weight training gloves is your ultimate option.

When you wear neoprene weight training gloves during your workout, expect to see these benefits:

1. A perfect fit. Neoprene stretches to conform to your hand. Other glove-making materials such as nylon either do not stretch enough or may over-stretch, which can cause the gloves to slip. Neoprene gloves fit perfectly every time and are not too tight to the point that circulation to your hands is decreased.

2. A reduction in calluses. One of the greatest benefits of wearing neoprene weight training gloves is the barrier the material offers between your hands and lifting equipment. Calluses are the result of repeated friction against the metal bar, and over time can affect your ability to lift heavy weights. Gloves prevent calluses and keep your hands smooth for those hand-holding date nights.

3. Boost your performance. Neoprene gloves help you to lift more weight with proper form. Instead of adjusting your hand position to alleviate pain, you can lift the way you should because the gloves reduce the pressure on your hands. This is also helpful if you suffer from arthritis or hand injuries.

4. No slipping. There’s no getting around it: you sweat while working out. Excess sweat during a workout can actually be dangerous, as it may cause your hands to lose grip on exercise equipment. Neoprene weight training gloves provide a no-slip grip and help to keep your sweat at bay so you can exercise safely and effectively.

5. Less odor. You’ll find your neoprene gloves smell better than other fabrics such as nylon and leather. The neoprene material does not absorb bacteria as easily and many have an open-grip design, so your gym bag (and you) will smell better.

Originally published at www.gripads.com on January 14, 2016.

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