What To Look For When Buying Weight Lifting Gloves

What to Look For When Buying Weight Lifting Gloves The Best Hand Protection

  1. Choose workout gloves or pads that are durable. Gripads are made of double-stitched, super strong neoprene, so they hold up to whatever abuse you deal out.
  2. Choose hand protection that doesn’t collect moisture. Moisture-wicking Gripads pull sweat away from your palms and keep them clean and dry. Leather workout gloves, on the other hand, can quickly become clammy mildew farms.
  3. Choose a form of hand protection that doesn’t cover your whole hand. Total coverage can restrict your natural motion and prevent your skin from breathing properly. Gripads slide on over your fingers and only cover your palms, so they don’t compromise your technique or make your hands feel confined.
  4. Choose your hand protection with safety in mind. Maintain a tight grip on weights and other heavy equipment without worrying about slippage. Gripads keep your grip tight and your weights under control so you can focus your attention on your moves and technique.

Originally published at www.gripads.com.