Why Should You Support Basic Income Advocates

If the elimination of extreme poverty, creating a better salary negotiation position, and creating a safety net for automation (that is destroying the job market) are not enough for you, maybe you will consider the following:

Consider pledging for advocates as if you are hiring them for the job of spreading awareness about “Unconditional Basic Income” (UBI) on your behalf, in order to secure a monthly, never-ending payment.

The more people are aware of UBI, the greater our chances to get there faster. We can archive that only if people are constantly sharing the story about Basic Income.

In many ways, supporting UBI advocates is an investment, and the success of getting UBI in your country will automatically transform your pledge into a return on investment that will return multiple times over.

So, let’s say we need 4 years to implement UBI — contributors will spend the following amounts:

$1 a month = $12 a year = $48 in 4 years
$2 a month = $24 a year = $96 in 4 years
$5 a month = $60 a year = $240 in 4 years
$10 a month = $120 a year = $480 in 4 years
$50 a month = $600 a year = $2400 in 4 years

Obtaining UBI on an equal level as Cyprus will give you around $520 (€480) each month.

That means that the highest pledges will be returned just in 4 months. After that period, the amount each person receives each month is pure profit!

To be precise, all backers, except those from the highest pledge, will redeem everything they have pledged after the first monthly UBI payment.

Let’s say you choose to pledge $10 a month and do it for 4 years. After the first year of receiving UBI, your “profit” (or ROI) would be ((520*12)-480) $5760. That is an increase of 1200%!

Have you ever heard of an investment that can give you that much?

That’s not all: you will continue receiving that money indefinitely!

If you think in terms of benefits for the whole population, taking France as example: with a population of 66 million people, for the relatively small risk of your pledge, you will achieve an ROI benefit of 71,499,999,900% (yes, that is 71.5 billion percent) for all people, just after the first month. 
But don’t carry away pondering too much about it. It’s mostly just a fun fact.

Sorry, I probably sound like a car salesmen now. Joking aside, all the above is true, and you can read about it in many articles. In January 2017, Finland began a 2 year pilot Basic Income project, and just after 4 months the results are overwhelming.

No, I will not give you a link, as, at this point, there is a slight chance you are thinking I am a Russian/Chinese socialist communist that came to destroy your country through some fake news Nigerian Prince-style scam. 
So, please do yourself a favour and just Google it — type “Finland universal basic income,” choose your favourite western news source, like The Guardian, Independent, CNN, Business Insider, Forbes, or any other.

There are many people in the world who have never heard about Unconditional Basic Income and many more who would like to know more about it, having many questions that need to be answered.

By pledging for Basic Income advocates, you are supporting their efforts to reach those people and give answers to any question they may have. In order to push UBI forward, a great majority will need to know and understand what Unconditional Basic Income is and the benefits of receiving it.

Of course, every investment has certain risks, and this one is no different. Consider that, by pledging, you are “hiring” people to reduce that risk as much as possible by creating strategies and campaigns that will do the job in the most optimal manner.

And do not worry about making advocates rich; no one has ever become rich by advocating to fix something. Think about it: to be an advocate is a terrible career; these people are basically working toward making themselves obsolete.

Check this list of UBI Advocates to Support and their projects and pick one, the more of advocates working on this full time the faster we will raise awareness and get to the point when we can demand it as one of the most crucial human rights.

Nico Jasper’s, PhD — study “What do Europeans think about basic income?” has shown that the simple act of sharing the idea of Unconditional Basic Income is likely enough to win support.

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