How to Care for your Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic Tiles are one of the most used tiles in the home, hotels, companies and everywhere else.ceramic tiles are durable less expensive but like other tiles, they also need to care and cleaning. unfortunately, we clean the tiles in the wrong manner that could damage tiles like all thing have their own method to clean things tiles have also their own way to clean tiles.

If you have ceramic tiles flooring at home, you are aware of the fact that these tiles demand maintenance and care in a much different way. Digital wall tiles manufacturers will explain to you how you can take care of your ceramic floor and ceramic wall tiles without damaging them.

Tiles made of ceramic are very delicate in the finish and you can unintentionally scratch it by using a harsh bristle brush, scouring pads or steel wool. We know ceramic tiles look best with the clean surface but there are safer ways to make them shinier.

Stained tiles devalue the interior of your home and you have to treat them anyways to make your home look good and tidy.

Floor tiles are passed through various quality checks and treatments in the factory. At the initial stage, manufacturers add the aluminum powder to molten clay to provide additional strength to the tiles. After this, tiles are glazed to get a glossy finish. After glazing, tiles are fired and baked to immensely high temperature. Lastly, sealer is applied to the surface of the tile to add extra protection.

This is how every ceramic tile is made for you. All these steps are included by manufacturers in the process to deliver the best-looking tile for use.So many efforts are being put by the craftsmen and you just cannot ruin them by using steel wool or harsh bristle brush for removing stains.

Things you can do to remove harder stains :

Use of bleach
You can use bleach for nastier, deeper stains. Using bleach will be helpful in removing stains that are harder to remove and that are easy to approach.

Lemon water for greasy tile
You can save all lemon peels and collect them in a glass bottle. Add water and fill the whole bottle. Let the mixture as it is for 4 days and then use this water in your spray bottle to clean tiles. This is the cheap and best way to clean all grim and grease from the tile surface. Just spray the lemon water and use a mild scrub.

Cleaning Grout
Use small grout remover that can be easily bought from home improvement store. You can use soap and water mix with the grout remover for stubborn stains.

If you still need help regarding the cleaning of tiles, you can always call professionals. Due to busy schedules, people are unable to do maintenance practice on own and this is why professional services and experts are there to assist them.

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