putting an armed officer in every school in America.
The Deep Crazy of the NRA
Mark Olmsted

I’m somewhat baffled how this is considered even slightly controversial, must less lose-your-mind jaw-agape and flabbergasted controversial as it is among Democrats.

I’ve spent my adult life living in huge blue-state metropolises. I spent my youth growing up in fly-over country.

Both high schools I attended as a kid had armed police on campus. As a kid, I never thought anything of it.

Living in a blue state metropolis, every consumer bank location has an armed guard, every office building has armed guards, and all the high-rise condos downtown where the limousine liberals live all have an armed guard in their lobby… yet the schools our children attend? Gun free zone! Unarmed sitting ducks. Every single one of these mass school shooting has been in a “Gun free zone.” Every. Single. One. …but suggest introducing an armed guard to protect children like we do every single place we hold of value… that’s crazy talk! You must be “Deep Crazy!”