In reality, Jeong’s tweets were flippant remarks mimicking and mocking white people who’d falsely claimed discrimination.
The Paradox at the Heart of Twitter
Colin Horgan

Sarah Jeong didn’t just post a few tweets years ago, she posted literally hundreds and hundreds of tweets, over a period of five years, continuing up until about one year ago. Most were not “responses” to anyone, but posted of her own initiation. The woman who blanket vilifies all white people en mass was part-and-parcel of her public persona. She’s also no “oppressed minority,” she’s the daughter of a multi-millionaire who attended Harvard Law. She’s the very epitome of 1%-er privilege.

Here’s the deal, you (and your radical left ilk) frame her criticism as coming exclusively from some fringe “alt-right.” I’ve marched in gay pride parades in the 90s when gay marriage seemed like a far off cause, marched in protests over the murder of Eric Garner, and donated my time to civil rights causes my whole life.

What yourself and your comrades cannot seem to grasp is that you’re the alt-right’s principal recruitment tool.

For every transparently racist Sarah Jeong tweet, a thousand alt-right converts bloom.

The alt-right are racists. The social Marxist left are racists. You both espouse philosophies constructed entirely around ranking people by their racial cohort, where every person is no more and no less than the racial identity group of their birth. You’re two sides of the same coin.

A plague on both your houses.