About the Online Teaching and Learning Community

A (not so) typical sharing about online teaching and learning community


Let me tell you a story.

There’s a young adult who loves learning and discovered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) through Coursera and edX. She enjoys taking lessons there and widens up her knowledge. Recently, she also figures how much she likes teaching online. She starts to use Udemy platform to share about How to Self Publish a Book.

So far so good, right? If you think it is, then let me introduce myself. I’m Griselda Puspa and I’m that person you just read. It is true that learning and teaching is fun for me. And I think the picture above is a bit of exaggeration because I found learning and teaching online less hectic than as portrayed. I find Coursera, edX, and Udemy to be practical with the comprehensive materials, useful quizzes, great peer grading, and ultimately the prestigious love-able certificates. (I purposely take courses from notable universities to keep the certificates)

In late 2018 my friends and I discussed about what we were doing and what we could do to fill in leisure time. She even ventured the idea of making passive income. Let me be honest. Making online courses at Udemy was one of the ways I came up with to make passive income. But beyond that, I also think that the platform allows me to share my passion in teaching.

So I prepared all that I needed: lapel microphone, class material, and reading script prior to recording my classes. It took me about two weeks before I clicked publish. I sighed in relief and then paused. Now what? I found myself desperately seeking for a guidance today: looking for a community of online learners / teachers and certificates for online teachers (if any).

Perhaps it’s because of my values — my view of education that made me care so much about online learning and teaching community. I grew up thinking that education is the best investment you can make. We also have an Indonesian saying “guru adalah pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa” or “teachers are heroes without medals”. Those made me conscious of the importance of quality in online learning and teaching courses. I want to see a progress in the community, where there’s a standardized guidance for newbie online learners and teachers.

Why does it matter? I think because the quality of education we take is precious. We don’t want to spend time and money on education that is below the standard. Before 2010s, I heard a case where Indonesian teachers protested on the standardized certificates that made it harder for them to teach. In other words, the teachers thought that certifications was just a way to make profit out of the education field. I’m not talking about that. I’m more concerned on the quality of online education today and going forward. At the very least, I think that there should be a guidance especially for online teachers on how to manage their classrooms.