Walmart and other retail giants import millions of goods on polluting cargo ships

Illustration: Grist / Sayan_Moongklang / Getty Images

By Maria Gallucci

Take a look around your home and you’ll likely find plenty of goods that traveled by cargo ship to your doorstep. A set of IKEA plates made in China. A dresser full of pandemic-era loungewear, ordered on Target and made in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Tracing…

New York’s sweeping climate law will prioritize environmental justice communities — once it decides who they are

Image: Grist / Amelia Bates

By Emily Pontecorvo

One of President Joe Biden’s first executive orders promised that “disadvantaged communities” would receive at least 40 percent of the overall benefits of government spending on infrastructure, clean energy, and other climate-related programs. …

Blistering temperatures are redefining what’s considered “really hot.”

Image: Grist / Cavan Images / Getty Images

By Kate Yoder

You know a heat wave when you feel it — oppressively hot weather that makes you desperate for an ice-cold drink, or better yet, air conditioning.

But nailing down what counts as a heat wave is surprisingly tricky. Temperatures vary widely from place to place — normal…

Research shows that more fires are ignited on July 4 than any other day of the year

Photo: Stephanie McCabe

By Zoya Teirstein

The United States is hot and dry. Large portions of the West are in “exceptional drought,” the most extreme rating assigned by the U.S. Drought Monitor. States that rely on the Colorado River are preparing to ration water. And a hellish heat dome set up camp over…


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