I’m A Bisexual Latina Immigrant. I Can’t Wait To Vote.
Irina Gonzalez

I do not share the same view as you. My grand parents were from Mexico, Both my mother and father were born in the U.S..

In my opinion Hillary is the wrong choice for president she has been proven to be a liar and is careless about secure information. I could continue but I just want to give my perspective as a second generation Hispanic. I like your father have seen the changes our country has gone through in many ways. I as my dad were democrats and towed the party line until Bill Clinton came along. The democratic party that I grew up with is long gone . The Democratic leadership has been replaced by self serving people. They will tell the citizens what ever they feel the citizens want to hear.

I won’t change your mind but Hillary is dangerous for this country I am convinced of that. No one cares of your sexual preferences and why you have to point that out is beyond me.

I am not a writer nor do I aspire to be but I can not comprehend why anyone who deems themselves educated can support someone with as much flaws as Hillary , Even after all the new wikkileaks being released. It’s not the Russians as Hillary would have you to believe, just like a video wan’t responsible for the attack in Benghazi. Don’t swallow her lies. Be a true writer and investigate, research further. You have nothing to be afraid of but the truth.

God bless America !

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