Don’t Pass Up on the Chinese Takeout

No, no one has endorsed me to say this. However, I found it uncanny that the messages within the fortune cookies I received, with the last two Chinese takeout orders purchased, have eerily related to my life. Perhaps there is something to the concept of kismet?

My current gravatar for my blog, is the message that was found in my fortune cookie on my spouse’s birthday.

It read: “People learn little from success, but much from failure.”

As someone going through a very tough time financially, emotionally, and physically, that simple message in a fortune cookie really hit home. I immediately thought of another valuable adage. If I fall down 7 times, I must pick myself up 8.

Writing and reading have helped me to slowly grow, to move away from obsessive musing on my perceived failures, and take decisive action to move forward and onward again.

A second time we had takeout, my fortune cookie read: “Read to live.”

I cannot stress enough the importance of valuing reading and writing. They both go hand-in-hand as you really cannot have one without the other. Reading has helped me open up my mind to a world of various perspectives and ideas. Reading has helped me develop and expand on my vocabulary and style. Reading has given me the opportunity to take a vacation from my current circumstances, whenever I decide to open up a book or scroll through my smart phone.

Writing helped me find my voice again, as a Millennial who is in the middle of transitioning career paths. Writing helped me remember the importance of dealing with my life challenges head-on. Writing gave me the freedom to embrace and seek to understand my human condition. Writing allowed me to share myself with others again, in a way that I hope makes its own positive mark on the world. Writing reminded me that, at times there is no other path for us, but to be strong and hold on tight.

Thanks to sites like Medium, I have learned so much about my interests, global worldviews, business, technology, writing style, and just to embrace life more. Medium has become a part of my morning routine, where each day I look forward to reading new posts from people I follow, and seeking out new ideas. Medium has been a platform for me to learn, grow, and find a new sense of community in which to participate and share thoughts and ideas.

As someone familiar with the struggle of surviving and seeking to thrive as a creative, in a world hell-bent on asking that your creativity be given freely of charge, demanding cheaper prices, or that your art and creativity are not real work but a hobby, etc. Paying a nominal $5 fee a month, to support writers and platforms like Medium is something I can get behind.