It’s Not Too Late. Finding Strength, Rebuilding, and Using Transformation to Cultivate Flow

Find your strength within. Hold fast. You’re in for quite the ride.

A huge chunk of talk about success, likes to focus on the concept of “flow.” This is a state where the body, mind, and heart seem to be working in perfect harmony. Whatever your creative endeavor, you have the Midas touch. Things just seem to bubble and burst forth effortlessly.

This is a state which does not last all the time. We experience peaks and lows in life, where the state of flow rears its head, at times when we most need it.

When it comes to recovering from a serious failure, or unforeseen setback in life, we must remind ourselves of the nature of strength. We must remind ourselves on the innate human ability to adapt, and our capability to rebuild.

Take down one link at a time. You’ll get somewhere faster, with a slow and steady approach.

Smooth seas do not make for a seasoned sailor.

Unplug from the media. Burn the concepts which you have grown up with, accustomed to, or agree that it is socially acceptable thinking and behavior. It is these very things which are holding you back. The concepts you are given from a young age, if you find yourself seeking to become or do something beyond average, will never ever suit you. Society is structured this way.

The way is simple, but not easy to tread. There will be moments where you want to give up. There will be moments where you consider the naysayers, and that maybe they were right all along, because you haven’t struck pay dirt. However, would you rather live on your knees, or die on your feet?

Don’t give in to naysayers. The weakest dogs bark the loudest, and sometimes come dressed really nicely.

Diamonds are not made without pressure.

Nothing worth having comes easy. The price you pay, is your sacrifice of comfort, acceptability by the general populous, time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears. If you are strong enough to survive, and not give in to the cheerleaders of mediocrity and negativity, you may truly surprise yourself.

Quitters never win. Ever. Fighting dirty always finds a way to karmic retribution. Embrace your journey. Truly live. Fight on to see another day. Make time to relax when needed, for you are not a machine. You are human. Remember, you have that indomitable spirit inside you, that eggs you on not to give in.

Dig deep. You are in this for the long haul.

When you find your purpose for living, and commit to it fully, your life will begin to change. You will truly test your character, faith, and cultivate true strength. You will invest in yourself to go the distance, to become more resilient, and hopefully more compassionate.

When you begin to develop yourself to a fuller degree than the status quo, as if magic, the resources, people, and tools you seek to reach your goals, will suddenly appear, if your eyes are open to see them.

No matter how many times you fall, get back up, heal your wounds, and get back in there. You are born to lose, but you will play to win.

It’s not a migraine, and it’s not going to go away unless you make a change.

I started writing on platforms like Medium and Grit N Vinegar, to challenge myself and others not to give up. When I was knocked down by life, found myself with no proper place to live, had my heart torn to pieces by betrayal, and got to see the ugly face of human negativity and a popular love for toxic environments, I desired change.

I was exhausted of trying to make myself available to people who didn’t want to see me, who didn’t want me to be steadfast and determined in my success, and thought themselves to be the masters of my destiny.

No matter what ills befall you, seriously read this poem, and this poem. If that won’t help jump start your excitement to grab life by the horns, I don’t know what will.

You have the power within you. It ain’t easy, but if you don’t quit. Just wait. Transformation and effort breeds changes.

You have one life to live.

You must take responsibility, despite the immense and ridiculous circumstances and obstacles that come your way, to improve it in any way shape or form. Otherwise, you should get cozy and content with living other people’s dreams and desires for you. Your choice.

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