Run with Risk to Reap the Rewards, and Other Gems I Have Gleaned

No one likes failure, or dreams of having their well-meaning plans they’ve held onto tightly for the past five years catch on fire, and be reduced to ashes. However, as human beings, we are not naturally born to play it small at life, nor do we find contentment with constant comfort and stability. Not to worry, life shakes things up for us, especially when we least expect it or prepare for it.

“Always be prepared.” This is the scout motto.

“Fortune favors the brave.” This is an even better quote of inspiration to keep in your back pocket. Fear often holds us back, especially when things seem to be going so smoothly. Don’t leave that job or that relationship, something unthinkable will happen. Stay in your lane, and you stifle your growth. The only way to grow is to surmount some obstacles, learn from your failures and triumphs, and do some introspection and house cleaning if you will.

Depending if you are an intrinsically motivated individual, or are only motivated to do things in order to impress others, or some other external factor, there are some benefits to hedging a bet on yourself, taking some chances, and putting yourself out there.

Everything is a struggle. However, your attitude will trump your attitude. Perseverance wins out.

First, you can share with others what you know. It doesn’t take much share content online, give a webinar, or engage in dialogue with others face-to-face. There are plenty of opportunities to share your experiences with others, via social media platforms, volunteering, blogging, or just having a conversation on the street with a stranger.

Here is a bullet list of some invaluable points of interest, which I’ve gathered from school, working, and life:

  • If you don’t know where the answers are, seek them out.
  • Find a guru or a mentor, to help you on your journey.
    Sit down for lunch, or seek to build a relationship with this person, and do a lot of listening.
  • Always seek out opportunities, because you never know when a better stroke-of-luck will be around the corner.
Along your journey, keeping certain ideas in mind, like finding a mentor, keeping an open mind, grit, and gratitude will sustain you. Trust in yourself.

When seeking opportunities, read often, and keep an open mind.

I was surprised to learn about new companies, technologies, power players, and other resources which led me to jobs and clients, simply because I was curious about topics outside my typical interest or niche. Information is everywhere, and with algorithms continuing to edit and mostly promote what users want to see, based on past patterns, it is critical to be willing to expand your thinking about things.

  • Don’t forget where you came from.

If you do, you are apt to forget certain life lessons, and things have a way of rearing their ugly head, just to shake things up a bit when you least expect it.

  • Be thankful for surviving the ups and downs of life, and be grateful for the genuine people that are you in your corner.

Burn fake friends, negative family members, etc. and don’t look back. Fake people and snakes-in-the-grass are dangerous, and will only seek to derail you from your success. Jealousy and ulterior motives breed some ugly life events.

Surround yourself with people who are positive, and are better than you at what you want to achieve in life.

Learn from them, and learn well. Appreciate their time and willingness to share their knowledge and wisdom with you. Experience and the ability to thrive matters.

Not to carry this on much longer, my point for writing this is simply this…

Life is meant for you to grow, challenge yourself, and reward yourself for milestones and overcoming your obstacles and demons. If you don’t grow, you stay where you are. There will be opposition to you seeking to better yourself. Those who do not support you, or fear your coming into your own, will seek to dissuade you or make you doubt yourself. Don’t!

Sometimes after the uphill battle, there will be another mountain to climb. You survived the first one, you can survive the next one. Keep going!

No matter what you are going through in life, bet on yourself.

Invest in your skills, build your networks and support systems, and you will find it easier to attract what you want. Seek to imitate others, or live a life that others want from you, and you will never ever know how amazing you could have been, if you just tried.

Life rewards those who can embrace themselves, and are willing to work to be a better version of themselves, given enough time and effort. No, the world isn’t fair, and some of us are laden with more burdens than others, but the formula works.

That is all.