The 48 Laws Of Power Through The Eyes Of A Strength Coach #22

Law #43

“Work On The Hearts And Minds Of Others”

Stop throwing right hooks at everyone trying to get them to do what you will simply because you say it is the thing to do. You need to win people over by speaking to there soul. There inner emotions and feelings. That is how yu get the most out of an athlete.

Simply asking an athlete to do a task is not enough. You want your athlete to perform to the best you need to make the athlete want to perform for you the best they can.

You need to find what separates them psychologically form others but what also connects them with others when it comes to emotions. Every single person has the primal need to feel belonging so that is where every coach should start! Every person is both different and the same in certain ways. Take the time to get to know each athlete on a very deep level. They will respect you for doing so and there performance will show it.

Law #44

“Disarm And Infuriate With The Mirror Effect”

Mimicry of any sort is a natural human action. We do it when we are kids and even when we are adults. There are ways in which to best apply these tools. Here are 4 ways in which to do so.

Neutralizing Effect:

If you complete the exact same actions and your mark it will render them neutral. It may even cause a sense of anger and we all know what anger does to the persons grip on power. You do this to an athlete who simply wont listen to you because they feel they know the way on their own.

The Narcissus Effect:

If you can mimic back to an athlete what they feel inside without directly saying anything this will bring upon deep emotional feelings as well as an immense increase in performance.

The Moral Effect:

When someone wrongs you this is the best way to get them to learn they did something wrong. It is the simple action of doing what they did to you right back to them. They will see how it hurt you and hopefully learn from it.

The Hallucinatory Effect:

This is when you take an object and copy it to fool a victim. This is used by con artists. I do not condone this one in anyway!