What it’s like to be that fat person sitting next to you on the plane.
Your Fat Friend

Why are we torturing ourselves? I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. During my days of health, I flew for six hours sitting half into the aisle on half a seat because the two other passengers in a full plane took up most of my seat. Luckily I wasn’t that big, but wasn’t petite by any means as well. It became highly uncomfortable each time I had to buckle up. But other than those few exchange of words, they didn’t speak to each other or say anything to me. When the stewardess asked if we wanted something to drink, they refused and well I was trying hard to hold on to what little bit of seat I had as the flight progressed. By the third hour most of me was in the aisle. Luckily the stewardess said I could stand if I wanted to and I jumped up at the opportunity to go hang in their section for a while.

I remember her making a few unfavorable comments about the passengers in hush tones as if we were sharing a dirty secret. Just making the situation even more awkward because I was formerly their size. All I wanted was this flight to be over, it could had not been more uncomfortable.

20 years later due to many health issues, I now find myself to be that size again. If we must fly, I have to shell out extra money to make sure that I am comfortable and I don’t put anyone through what I lived through during that one flight. Either I sit in first class or if it doesn’t exist I buy the extra seat. Before boarding the plane I make it clear to the staff that the seat is mine and they cannot place anyone in it. If they have an objection to that tell me now before I board the plane. Not that they ever had any objections and if they ever did, well let’s just say it is not below me to create misery for the airline and their employees if they lacked in customer support.

Bottom line, I need to be a realist of this situation. I am twice the size of a normal person and I understand the logic behind paying for two seats. So I’ve done my part to ensure that I don’t impose my problem upon others by paying for it. And to all those boarding whom may have concerns, well people in glass houses should not throw stones. Perhaps I will have an issue with the fact that you sit behind me and don’t wear deodorant or that your child won’t stop crying or that you keep kicking my seat. I am not going to allow your own lack of intelligence, understanding, and tolerance, to control the way I feel about myself or about my situation. At the end of the day this is how important those ignorant people are in my life. >.< (pinch)

Live life happy and screw those that try to pee in your Cheerios.

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