in the First 100 Days and Beyond
Joshunda Sanders

It’s sad to say, but it’s time to cut the head off of the snake. Trump’s war-cry has always been “make America great again”. It has never stopped being great, and I want it to stay that way. I agree that it is time for a “social revolution” of sorts, but not one of greed, hatred, and prejudice. It’s time for improvement — not tearing down. Trump supporters have implored that we “give him a chance”. We have and he failed miserably.

The conflicts of interest that the POTUS and some of his members of cabinet have shown are illegal — prosecutable crimes. The investigation into the ties to Russia have gone nowhere in the hopes it will go away. We cannot let it simply “go away”. Crimes of Treason are the most serious crimes in this country as it can potentially endanger millions of people. These people need to be prosecuted for their crimes against this country.

BIG PICTURE: It is my opinion that when Trump got elected it was never in the cards that he last a full term; if he did so much the better, but not necessary to the goals of his handlers behind the scenes. His main purpose was to come in like a bull charging, tear down and disrupt just as much as possible, and push through laws that are counterproductive to the American people. Once he is removed from office by impeachment, forced resignation, or even assassination (a possibility with any POTUS), the reigns will be handed over to Pence. Under Pence things would return to some sort of “normalcy”, the organized resistance would die down and people would go back to their separate ways. Damage control and fixing what Trump has broke will lose momentum and the right will have made huge gains.

I have never considered myself a “conspiracy theorist”, but look at what is happening in our country and consider what I am saying. The sooner we can get Trump away from creating chaos the less we lose. Prosecute him and his hand picked cabinet for his illegal activities and let’s cut our losses.

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